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Harlan Kilstein – Blog Curation

Harlan Kilstein – Blog Curation
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Dominate Your Niche – Build A Powerful And Profitable Website With Blog Curation

We’ve solved the problem of showing regular people how to build a profitable website.

This blog curation course teaches you how to identify a profitable online niche, and then create interesting and valuable articles that attract your best-paying customers, AND rank highly in all the search engines.

Discover how hundreds of pevaluable articles that attract your best-paying customers, AND rank highly in all the search engines.ople are creating successful online businesses by working hard for about one hour a day.

If you can write an email to a friend, you can now create your own profitable website.

What Is Curation?

Who Else Wants To Turn Old Worthless Websites Into Real Businesses?

If you’re like most folks trying to make money in Internet Marketing, you’ve purchased other products making bold promises before.

Terms like “your own 24 hour ATM” or “earn a full time living without doing any work” can still be seen in various guru offers.

I’m hoping by now you realize those promises aren’t real. The gurus have been using them for years not caring that thousands of people are getting hurt in the process.

Just recently, a woman contacted me after purchasing a “done for you” website from a big Internet marketing guru.

She spent $2000 on the promise that she would make money with this website. This same website was sold to dozens of other people. None of them made a dime.

Video Business 101: How to Make Money in Video Production

Video Business 101: How to Make Money in Video Production
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Video Business 101 is our most extensive training series to date. We take you through the entire process of creating your own video production business, from start up to experienced producer.

The information shared in this series could easily cost you hundreds of dollars in seminars or classes, but we’ve condensed it all into a 103 minute video. Don’t let that fool you though, this video contains all the insight necessary to have a firm understanding of running a successful video business.

– Getting Started
– Investing in Gear
– Setting Up Your Business
– Choosing Your Services
– Types of Video Production
– Setting Yourself Apart
– What is Marketing?
– Marketing Yourself
– Maximize Their Investment
– Effective Advertising

Not only do we take you through the business of video production, but we take you through the marketing of it as well. Successful marketing is what separates a profitable business from an unprofitable one. We share with you the secrets to help you correctly market yourself and create videos that will be marketable to your end audience. In addition, we also teach you how to come up with you unique video ideas to make your clients want to work with you.

TTC Video – Writing Great Fiction: Storytelling Tips and Techniques

TTC Video – Writing Great Fiction: Storytelling Tips and Techniques
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Whether you’re huddled around the campfire, composing an email to a friend, or sitting down to write a novel, storytelling is fundamental to human nature. But as any writer can tell you, the blank page can be daunting. It’s tough to know where to get started, what details to include in each scene, and how to move from the kernel of an idea to a completed manuscript.

Writing great fiction isn’t a gift reserved for the talented few. There is a craft to storytelling that can be learned, and studying the fiction writer’s techniques can be incredibly rewarding-both personally and professionally. Even if you don’t have ambitions of penning the next Moby-Dick, you’ll find value in exploring all the elements of great fiction.

From evoking a scene to charting a plot to selecting a point of view, Writing Great Fiction: Storytelling Tips and Techniques offers a master class in storytelling. Taught by acclaimed novelist James Hynes, a former visiting professor at the famed Iowa Writers’ Workshop and the University of Michigan, these 24 insightful lectures show you the ins and outs of the fiction writer’s craft.

More than just delivering lectures, Professor Hynes offers the first steps of an apprenticeship, showing you not only how fiction works but also how to read like a writer. Here you’ll find explications of novels and stories across the ages:

Rediscover classics such as Jane Eyre, Bleak House, Middlemarch, Mrs. Dalloway, and others.
Gain new insights into bestsellers such as the Harry Potter and Game of Thrones series.
Explore the world of literary fiction, from Chekhov’s “The Kiss” to Marilynne Robinson’s Housekeeping.
Reflect on what makes characters such as Anna Karenina and Sherlock Holmes so memorable.
Find out how to create suspense like Dashiell Hammett, George Pelecanos, and John le Carré.
In addition to showing you how the elements of fiction work, this course is an interactive toolkit. Professor Hynes closes each lecture with an exercise to get your creative juices flowing. Only you know what story you want to tell, but the many examples and writing prompts in these lectures will get you from thinking about writing to the act of writing-often the toughest part of any project.

Video Sales Intelligence: Sell More with Video Sales Letters

Video Sales Intelligence: Sell More with Video Sales Letters
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A Step-by-Step A to Z Blueprint on how to write, produce and publish your very own, High-Converting Video Sales Letter.

You know the traditional sales-letter…? The long one that stretches down your browser for 15 pages?

Well…It’s DEAD

Now if you already have sales letter, what if you could convert that sales-letter into an engaging video that could triple sales?

And what if these nearly hypnotic videos were dirt simple to make, no camera required?

Well, youre in luck!

In today’s frenetic and fast paced world, grabbing your customer’s attention is more important than ever before. And nothing is better than a Video Sales Letter. Face it, we live in a viral world full of grumpy cats, laughing babies and endless epic fails.

Making sales online used to be as easy as putting up an old-school sales letter. Today, when a potential customer lands on your site if you don’t grab them immediately they’re on to the next bright, shiny object.

The truth: If you want to make sales online, you need a Video Sales Letter.

And the good news: Video Sales Letters can convert up to 300% better than a regular sales letter alone.

Until just recently, you’d have to pay a small fortune to get a pro to write one for you. Well not any more.

With this course I can show you how you can create your first sales letter in hours and not days. All you need to do is follow this formula and you can start generating some serious sales with your sales letters.

Brendon Burchard – Your Next Bold Move

Brendon Burchard – Your Next Bold Move
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Brendon Burchard is a #1 New York Times best-selling author, highly sought after success expert and performance trainer. After surviving a life-threatening car accident, he began to ask himself important life questions like “Did I live?, Did I love?, Did I matter?” and has dedicated his life to helping others find their purpose.

In this exclusive four-lesson online course, he’ll teach you the habits, tools and strategies needed to become your best self, overcome fear and achieve your goals.

Target Where to Improve Your Life

Brendon’s “Life Area Assessment” will help you take a closer look at all areas of your life and help you focus on what might be out of balance. You’ll feel like you’re finally being honest about where you are and where you really want to go. The results will open your eyes to what you’re neglecting and give you an action plan for how you can immediately balance and change your life. You’ll say, “Oh! Now I know what’s been missing!”

Identify and Claim Your Best Self

Sometimes we get trapped in old beliefs about who we are and what we’re capable of—limiting our self-expression, joy and success. Brendon will teach you “The Clarity Chart”, a process for uncovering who you really are, how you want to interact with others, and which habits can help you become your best self. This entire activity will leave you feeling more clear and confident.

Take Control of Your Thoughts with The 4Cs

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes feel so stressed, distracted or frustrated? Brendon explains it’s because your thoughts are driven by the 4Cs (social cues, conditioning, consequences and choice). Master these 4Cs and you’ll feel more in control of your mind. You’ll be able to actively manage difficult thoughts and keep a more positive mindset on the road ahead.

Master Your Feelings and Behaviors

If you’ve ever had difficulty understanding WHY you behave the way you do, you’ll love this section. Brendon will teach you “The Ladder of Perception,” a transformative look into how you create your emotions and choose your actions. You’ll feel back in charge of how you react to the world because you’ll understand how you interpret and internalize events. You will also feel more conscious of how you experience the world and be more intentional in shaping yours.

Prime Your Day for Focus and Positivity

Brendon discovered that simple morning habits and routines can improve your focus and productivity by 30%. Try just a few of these habits and you’ll feel so much better throughout your day. You’ll learn:

• 3 things you should always do in the first hour of your day
• 1 thing you should never do
• How to keep track of your projects, inbox and priorities
• Questions to ask yourself to improve your mood

Make Great Decisions for You and Your Family

What does it take to make a great decision, and actually stick to it? You’ll learn the 10 reasons you often set goals but don’t complete them—and how to use those same 10 reasons to make better decisions and commitments. Brendon will also teach you the “Life Decisions Chart,” which will show you how to choose between opportunities in life (move or don’t move? quit or stay with the job? start that new passion or wait?). Finally, you’ll learn how to set boundaries, say no, and stick to your passions.

Conquer Fear and Gain Massive Momentum

Now it’s time to create great leaps in life and maintain your momentum. These sessions will help you understand how to overcome fear and deal with any disappointments as you take action. Brendon will also teach you to implement five habits that will keep you on track and always ready to make your next bold move.

Brad, Tim and Stefan – Elite eCom Masterclass + OTO

Brad, Tim and Stefan – Elite eCom Masterclass + OTO
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Price: $250

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Finally Revealed: The Simplest Formula to Make $300/DAY In Just ONE Week…

Elite Ecom Masterclass is an 18-video e-commerce masterclass which explains how to build a highly profitable e-commerce business that brings in hundreds of dollars per day and can be scaled further.

But at its core, Elite Ecom Masterclass, or EEM as we call it, is a SYSTEMIZED FORMULA that works and will stand the test of time.

Finally say NO to all the hype and understand how to make e-commerce your personal cash machine.

Elite Ecom Masterclass, unlike all other ecommerce courses out there, teaches a different way outside just Shopify, so you can have total freedom and low costs. However – if you’re a Shopify fan or you’re already set up on their platform – no worries – our system is also fully compatible with Shopify and it will work JUST as well.

Look – it doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re doing. If you want to make a financial KILLING online from E-Commerce without worrying about paying ridiculous monthly fees for the likes of Shopify Apps and others – EEM is made for you!

Plus – this is not the usual “follow the herd” training – it’s NOT the type that exploits loopholes either – it’s a proven formula that’s as easy as following several steps to success AND it’s here to stay for the long-term.

A simple, but deadly effective E-Commerce formula, which forces newbies and experienced marketers alike to the top of the pack and sticks them there!

Here’s just a FRACTION of what you’ll learn inside Elite eCom Masterclass:

The secret FREE platform for selling that NO ONE tells you about
Developing your e-commerce brand to double your profits
Collecting LEADS (not just buyers!) that you can sell to over and over again with zero ad spend
Our SECRET conversion booster tools that FORCE visitors into buying
Our personal PROVEN formula to finding the perfect niche and hand-picking the highest selling product
How to PRICE your product for passive ongoing sales
The ONLY method that allows you to fill up your store FAST with quality products
How to include certain elements to protect yourself legally (IMPORTANT!)
Our Never-Seen-Before FB research and ad strategy
How to test if a product converts with just $5 (that’s all you need really!)
Test, Analyze, Scale = Take your products profits to UNSEEN heights
Know EXACTLY when to shut down a campaign, or when to ramp it up
Build your email list and live off passive email promotions
Finally, automate and outsource the entire process

Really, this is THE ULTIMATE, actionable plan to crushing it with e-commerce. In fact, EEM forces you to take action by giving you assignments and homework to complete in order to move forward. This way, by the time you’re done with the course, you’ll also have your first profitable campaign set up!

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Desmond Ong – Boomerang Method with OTO

Desmond Ong – Boomerang Method with OTO
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Desmond Ong’s Boomerang Method is a step by step video based training which reveals the secret strategy of using the powerful traffic source i.e. Facebook.I personally have used facebook traffic and have got good results but the strategy what Desmond reveals is really mind blowing and myself had never heard of.Its about Facebook re-targeting but its the smart way of re-targeting which would bring lots of targeted traffic to your offer making sales and money for you.

What you will get in Boomerang Method?

You will get 8 step by step videos to follow and implement the secret boomerang method. You will also get One done for you template.

OTO or Upsell :
Main product – Boomerang Method WSO by Desmond Ong Training Course

OTO #1 – Facebook Templates – $19.95
Inside this upgrade Desmond offers some done-for-you templates which are compliant with Facebook so you can save time creating them.
OTO #2 – Webinar Recordings – $47
Webinar recordings which will allow you to scale this method even further.

Glen & Diggy – Marketing Inc 2.0

Glen & Diggy – Marketing Inc 2.0
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Price: $997

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The topics covered by the videos include:

• How they built their $60k marketing company in just 8 months
• The fastest growing business model they recommend you use
• Real-world examples of how their funnels (agency funnel, SEO funnel and “secret” funnel) work
• An extensive guide to SEO for Google
• A guide on how to close deals with clients
• How you can build your own marketing firm even if you work part-time

You get lifetime access to the online community, and you also get a written guide on the marketing secret used by the Inc 5000. There’s even a bonus video on the more than ten tools the instructors use every day for their online business.

Marketing Inc 2
There’s a sequel called Marketing Inc 2, and by all accounts it’s another winner. If you’re starting an agency from scratch, this will be invaluable. It offers additional tools that you can use to really get you started and get you going. These important tools include:

• Marketing System. This is one of the main areas of concern when you have an online business. In the real world, you put up a shop and everyone who walks by sees your shop so some of them may be tempted to come in and look around.
On the Internet, marketing your website is crucial because no one really just drops in out of the blue. Visitors are led to your site in several ways, primarily through organic search so that means your website needs to be on the first page of results when someone uses Google and enters keywords that are relevant to your website. Other methods, such as using paid ads and social networking, may also be used.

• Landing Pages. This is the page on your website that visitors “arrive” at when they click a link from another site. They may be used to convince visitors to click through other pages on the site, or even to buy something from the site.

• Automated Sales Funnel. A sales funnel describes the process of how a lead can become a confirmed client. Here the entire process can actually be automated.

• Capture Pages. These are web pages designed to “capture” names and email addresses for marketing purposes.

• Autoresponder. As you begin to get more email addresses and messages you’ll begin to realize that you can’t manually do everything. That’s why you need an autoresponder, which can automate the sending of emails even while setting a personalized tone to each email.

• Training. Like the original Marketing Inc, Marketing Inc 2 gives you detailed instructions on what to do so that you can become more efficient in your work as you continue to maximize your profits.

Marketing Inc 2 is also exclusively for members only, and again you get exceptional training which will equip you for success online. It’s a lot more comprehensive and exhaustive, as it builds on the original version with more info and tools added. It helps people save a lot of time and effort, and at the same time it gives them a greater chance of achieving success.

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Analysis and Critique: How to Engage and Write about Anything

Analysis and Critique: How to Engage and Write about Anything
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For thousands of years, writing has been a powerful way for us to communicate with one another, to share our distinct thoughts and ideas through the power of words. Even in today’s technologically saturated 21st century, we still express ourselves in writing almost every single day. And oftentimes, we write to argue our viewpoints, persuade others that we’re right, and share our unique experiences and perspectives.

1. How to Write about Anything
2. How to Be an Effective Reader
3. How Literature Can Help
4. Shaping Your Voice
5. Knowing Your Reader
6. The Art of the Essay-How to Start
7. How to Organize an Argument
8. Supporting Your Argument
9. Finishing Strong
10. The Uses of Poetry
11. Poetic Diction and Syntax
12. Drama-Writing Out Loud
13. What You Can Learn from Autobiography
14. Writing and Leadership
15. The Rules of Rhetoric
16. Invention and Arrangement
17. Ethos and Pathos
18. Finding What You Need
19. Using What You Find
20. Getting Started-Writing First Drafts
21. Editing-Finding What’s Wrong
22. Rewriting-Fixing What’s Wrong
23. Avoiding Common Errors in Grammar and Usage
24. The Power of Words

SEO Master Course – Get Tons of Free, Organic Search Traffic

SEO Master Course – Get Tons of Free, Organic Search Traffic
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Price: $199

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Learn everything you need to know to drive free, organic traffic to your website using proven SEO principles.

Welcome to the SEO Master Course, where you’ll learn everything you need to know to drive free, organic traffic to your website.

My name is Ryan Wiley, and I’m so excited to present this course to you. For over 7 years now, I’ve worked for one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the United States. I’ve done SEO for multi-million dollars brands you’ve most likely heard of. Sites that were receiving tens of thousands of visitors a day even before I began working with them. I’ve also worked on the other end of the spectrum. individuals who were only getting a few visits a day. I was able to get them to a point where they were getting calls and emails daily for their products and services.

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to.

Confidently optimize your website using proven SEO principles
Build out a content plan based on strategic keyword and competitive research
Set your website up for success, even as technology and search algorithms change
I’ll be teaching you how to.

Set up your pages so they have the best opportunity to rank well
Create content better and faster than you ever thought possible
Perform a technical analysis of your website to ensure it isn’t being penalized by search engines
Use SEO tactics that even Google approves of
You’ll learn what works, and equally importantly, what doesn’t work. Some SEO courses go into great depth on things like link building, but can I let you in on a little secret?.

Google is really REALLY smart!

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