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Anik Singal – Inbox Blueprint 2.0

Anik Singal – Inbox Blueprint 2.0
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Price: $200

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What will you learn in Inbox Blueprint 2.0?
The Training
Inbox Blueprint is broken down into 8 simple steps, awesome BONUSES (and you get the EPIC LaunchPad Software), and I’ll elaborate on each one below:


In the introduction, you’ll learn the ins and outs of your Inbox Blueprint 2.0 training, how to understand the business, a detailed explanation of the business model and even meet the coaches Anik has hired on to help you on your journey!

Understanding the Business
What is the Inbox Blueprint Business Model?
Overview of the Inbox Blueprint Course
Meet Our Coaches
Step 1 – Addiction Meter

In this first step Anik is going to teach you everything you need to know about choosing a niche for your email marketing business.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

Picking a Niche
What Niches Make Money in Email Marketing?
Using The Launch Pad Niches
Tons of Other Ideas for Niches
Research Niches on
Research Niche on
Research Niches on Google
Research Niches on YouTube
Research Niches on Amazon
EXERCISE: Decide on Your Email Marketing Niche NOW
EXERCISE: Activate The LaunchPad if You Choose To Use It
Step 2 – The Bait

Now that you’ve selected a niche, it’s time to create the web page where you’ll collect emails and build your list. This web page is called an opt-in page. In this module you’ll learn ALL ABOUT what makes an opt-in page work – this is VERY important, I suggest you take your time on this one and go through it a few times.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

Opt-in Pages
What is an Opt-in Page?
Opt-in Page Design
What To Say On Your Opt-in Page: Good Copywriting
What Data To Collect
Creating Your Opt-In Page…
Single vs. Double Opt-In
The Free Gift – Bribing Someone For Their Email Address
How To Create Your Free PDF Gift
Exercise: Create Your Opt-in Page
Step 3 – The ‘TYP’ Method

In Step 3 Anik is going to teach you how to use your “thank you page” to start generating some revenues the day you begin getting subscribers. This strategy will give you a huge advantage.

It will help you pay for your startup costs. But more importantly, your thank you page will help pay for building a large list of subscribers using paid advertising.

Here’s what you’re going to learn in this quick but critical step…

Anik’sMy Secret Thank You Page Strategy
What is the Thank You Page Strategy
How Much Can a TYP Actually Earn
How To Choose a Great TYP Page Offer
Using the LaunchPad To Create a TYP Strategy
When & How Do You Deliver the Free Gift
Creating a Transitional Page (Optional)
EXERCISE: Select Your Offer
EXERCISE: Activate Your Preferred TYP Strategy
Step 4 – Email Machine Overview

Step 4 will be all about autoresponders, how to get access to an amazing one for FREE, plus a whole lot more.

Here’s a breakdown of the lessons from this module:

Introduction to Autoresponders
Activate Your Free SendLane Account
Automated Messages vs. Broadcasting
Click Tracking
EXERCISE: Set Up Your Autoresponder & Click Tracker
Step 5 – Emails and List Relationship

Step 5 is VERY important and goes into the HOW’S of things. It covers not only HOW to write emails, but even great subject lines, types of content and how to build an amazing RELATIONSHIP with your email list so they buy from you time and time again!

Here’s a look at the training in this module:

Writing and Sending Emails
The 3 Rules of Email Marketing Strategy
The Email Lifeline – How Many Products To Promote in a Month
The Different Kinds of Promotions – Low, Mid, High Ticket
Writing a Great Email
The Key Part of a Great Email – Subject Line
Content Emails – How To Promote Products Through Content
Relationship Emails – How To Build a Relationship with Your Email List
Sales/Promotional Emails
Setting Up 10 Days of Autoresponder (Minimum)
The Importance of Testing Your Email Before Sending – Avoid Spam Box and Promotions Tab
EXERCISE: Set Up Your Automated Messages Using LaunchPad
This is DEFINITELY one of my favorite modules, AND one of the one’s that will help you make the MOST money. Know what to write, know what your subscribers like and what to share with them and you’ll make A-LOT more money.

Step 6 – Payday Secrets

Step #6 goes into…well…the reason you’re going to buy this course – how to get PAID!

This is ANOTHER very important module you should pay attention to as it teaches how to increase your money, further your relationship with your list and a whole lot more! Take a look at the lessons for this module below:

Stats and Tactics to Increase Your Earnings
Monetization & Relationship Building
Monetization with Affiliate Programs
Promoting Product Launches
Event Based Marketing
Using Webinars To Sell Affiliate Products
Adding Bonuses To Your Promotion For Higher Conversions
Offering Your Own Product
Step 7 – Easy Traffic

Step 7 is next, and is all about TRAFFIC – the one thing your efforts will be fruitless without. It goes into various forms of free and paid traffic – and I have to admit despite working with Anik previously, I learned quite a few ‘tricks’ from this module as well!

Here’s what it covers:

Traffc: Time vs Money
Free: Guest Blogging
Free: Forums
Free: Blog Commenting
Free: Twitter
Free: Yahoo! Answers
Free: Solo Ad Swaps
Paid: Solo Ads
Paid: Facebook Ads
Paid: Google Training
Step 8 – Unlimited Success

Step8 is all about your success, and again is a VERY important module to study. Here’s what it covers:

8 Introduction
Metrics To Watch
Do Fancy Templates Make a Difference?
Increasing Deliverability and Open Rates
Copywriting for Better Open Rates and Conversions
What To Do When It’s Not Working
I REALLY hope you can see the amount of sheer value in this course. It’s less than HALF the price of Anik’s Profit Academy (which was $3,000), and I have to say – it might even be better!

On TOP of all that you see above in the TRAINING, you also get access access to some epic bonuses that are EASILY worth triple the cost of the course by themselves:

Bonus #1 – Lurn Masters Club
Get access to live training from Anik himself twice a month for 12 months.
Plus you get access to Anik’s FULL active 24/7 community.
Get help from experts, great success story students, and everyone else at Lurn Nation.
Last but not least you get Coaching Access: get your questions answered LIVE on their coaching calls – they are here for YOU!
Bonus #2 – Traffic Academy
Become a master of both free and investment traffic.
Anik will teach you how to get more than enough traffic to build a list as big as you want!
Bonus #3 – 6 Week FAST Start Program (Over the Shoulder)”
Watch them (step-by-step) as we get their first 1,000 subscribers and kill it!
With this 6 week program the goal is to get your first 1,000 subscribers, and create an income!
Bonus 4 – List Academy
When you’re ready to take on the NEXT step in your Email Marketing Business, List Academy is your ‘Go To’ course. In this course you’ll learn how to communicate with your subscribers and watch your profits grow!
Bonus 5 – Up to $500 in FREE Traffic
Up to $500 of Free Traffic (solo ads) from
Needless to say, traffic from solo ads is one of the HIGHEST converting. I’ve got optin rates as high as 70% from clickonomy solo ads. Make sure you take advantage of this amazing traffic source!

Copywriting: How To Be A Crazy Good Copywriter

Copywriting: How To Be A Crazy Good Copywriter
Sale Page:

Price: $20

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The Best Copywriting Strategies Known To Man, Plus 1 Powerful System For Putting Them Into Action!

Over 3500 happy students enrolled in my courses
Currently 103 out of 124 4- and 5-star reviews
No risk involved. Watch the PREVIEW VIDEOS!
I’m Going To Teach You To BE A Crazy Good Copywriter

As a copywriter, I’m pretty sure I understand these two things about you as you review this course:

Your time is limited
You want me to get right to the point in this course description
With that in mind, let me use some simple bullet points to tell you exactly what I’m going to do to teach you to BE a great copywriter.

I’m going to:

Dig into 54 unique elements of copywriting
Keep things simple and concise
Show you how to use and act on ideas, not just learn them
Stimulate your brain during the learning process using color and graphics
Give you only the best ideas and strategies I know – I’ve removed any fluff
Be excited to teach you this valuable and versatile skill
Teach you a simple system for mastering the art of copywriting
Give you a professionally designed 100-page guide for you to reference
Give you a professionally designed course review tool that I call The Spark (you’re going to love this!)

Q: What makes The Copywriter’s Brain unique from other copywriting courses?

A: There are several elements to this course that make it very unique and different than most copywriting courses, but the core difference is that it’s learning system. Instead of simply teaching you a laundry list of ideas and strategies related to copywriting, The Copywriter’s Brain uses visuals, simplicity, and a concept I call expression, in order to help you develop the mind of a copywriter. You learn the elements of the art of copywriting, see how they work, understand how they all fit together, and you drill them deep into your brain using some simple but powerful techniques that I’ll teach you.

Q: Will I find value in this course, even if I don’t want copywriting to be my profession?

A: Absolutely! Your ability to use words to excite, influence, and motivate others is a valuable skill that you can use in virtually any area of your life where your words have a huge impact on your results. Understanding how to harness the power of words (which I will teach you to do) will improve your ability to:

Promote and sell anything – including yourself
Drive loads of traffic to your blog
Be a more effective and memorable teacher
Create awesome videos for your product or service
Give unforgettable presentations
Communicate better with others
Get Your Brain Transplant Today!

Nick Marks – Insider Commissions

Nick Marks – Insider Commissions
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Price: $257

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Puts $257+ Per Day In Your Pocket With
100% FREE Traffic…
Brand New For July 2016

Newbie Friendly… No technical or online marketing experience is required
You don’t need a list
Get started with ZERO marketing budget (the traffic is 100% FREE)
Make money within 24 hours from RIGHT NOW…

Nick Marks here.

If you haven’t heard of me before, that’s ok…

I’ve been online quietly making money online since 2004…

It’s getting rough out there…

There’s a lot of hype… lies… and methods that just don’t work.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about…

I hate to break it to you, but there is no “easy button” you can press or software you can use to make $5,000 per month…

It sure would be nice, but it doesn’t work that way…

With that being said, you can make a VERY nice living online… as I have… without working very hard at it… if you know the secret to online success.

(Stay tuned, and I’ll tell you the SECRET to making money online) …
There Is 1 Simple Method You MUST Have In Place To Make Consistent Money Online…

…you ready?

Here is the secret to making money online month after month… year after year… like I do… It’s as simple as getting…
”Traffic & Conversions”

ConversionsSo, how does this work?

Now, I want to break this down for you a little so it makes perfect sense…

To get traffic and conversions, you must learn how to find offers that convert well… although it sounds simple, there are some key things you MUST look for to find the right offers to promote.

That’s a big area where marketers struggle… They pick the wrong offers and they are doomed before they ever start.

And when it comes to traffic…

…any traffic won’t do.

You need traffic that’s targeted to whatever it is you’re promoting…

That’s it…

If you promote an offer that is PROVEN to convert and send TARGETED traffic to that offer, you WILL make money online…

Unfortunately, most people get lost somewhere in all of the details…

Through my own testing, I’ve personally developed a method for finding the right offers and harnessing the power of targeted traffic that makes money for me and my students 100% of the time…

Let me repeat that…
This Simple Method Works 100% Of The Time…If you do it the way I show you…

And, with this method, there’s…

And the best part is…

You can begin seeing results
as soon as TODAY!

I’m personally using this method to make hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars per day online…

Tired of seeing all of the courses that don’t give you a REAL system for making money online, I’ve decided to release this method as a step-by-step video course to the public for a limited period of time…

If You’re Looking For A PROVEN Plan To Quickly Get To $257+ Per Day… With FREE Traffic…

This Course Has Been Put Together To Make It Very Easy
To Follow Along And Begin Seeing Results Quickly…

Inside Insider Commissions
You’re Getting…

Take newbies from ZERO to $200+ per day with FREE traffic, a very small amount of easy “work,” and one of the best affiliate programs out there….

Step-by-step videos that walk you through aspect of the training.
A simple, 5-step method for getting results and making money… THIS WEEK or even sooner!

Here’s Why You Need To
Get This Today…

You don’t have to stress about building complicated websites…
You don’t need to have a list to begin profiting with this method…
No technical skills are needed… if you can point and click your mouse and follow basic instructions, you have everything you need to start making $257+ per day…
A PROVEN 100% FREE converting traffic method is included in this complete system for online success…
There is ZERO Risk of saturation…
This isn’t a “flash in the pan” method that works once and then quits working… This works today, will work tomorrow, and for months and even years into the future…

If You Follow The Step-By-Step Video Training, Insider Commissions WILL Put Money In Your Pocket…
Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside
Insider Commissions…

f1The newbie-friendly, 5-step method for quickly making $257+ per day, even if you don’t have any prior experience, a product, or a list…

f2How to get started today, even if you’ve never made a penny online… (and why THIS method is one of the BEST ways to get started online)

f1Watch over my shoulder as I show you EXACTLY how to follow this simple, 5-step method to $257+ paydays… “working” less than 1 hour per day…

f2Although you can use this in virtually any niche, you’ll discover the #1 niche I recommend ALL newbies start with to make money as quickly as possible… and why…

f1Why some offers are a complete waste of your time and how to get paid as quickly as possible by looking for ___________________ when choosing affiliate offers to promote…

f2Why most of the courses that claim to teach you how to get paid instant PayPal commissions may be stretching the truth, and how to get paid in your PayPal account as quickly as possible… (if you follow what I teach you inside, in many cases, this could be INSTANTLY…)

f1The BIG mistakes almost all affiliate marketers make (especially new ones) and how to avoid them… this can save you countless hours and increase your income right out the gates by hundreds of dollars per week…

f2No marketing budget? No problem! I’ll show you the fastest way to get hordes of FREE traffic… and not just any traffic… TARGETED traffic… ready to buy the EXACT offer you’re putting in front of them…

f1Why focusing on more than one traffic source could actually being hurting your chances for success online…

f2How to quickly scale this up into a consistent, daily “quit the day job” income…

This is a simple plan for making REAL money online… today and for months and years to come…

Anton Kreil – Professional Forex Trading Masterclass

Anton Kreil – Professional Forex Trading Masterclass
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Price: $1499

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This is the brand new online Trading Education course from the Institute – the Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass video series! Your Teacher and Mentor will be the Institute’s Managing Partner and former Goldman Sachs trader Anton Kreil.

Ecom Licensing Exposed

Ecom Licensing Exposed
Sale Page:

Price: $47

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How You Can Finally Sell Fully Licensed
Products To People Around The World With
Absolutely ZERO Previous Experience
We Will Show You How To Harness The Power Of Mult-Million Dollar Brands With Just A Few Clicks

Inside, you’ll learn how to quickly & easily
sell products from big brand names including…
Star Trek
Game of Thrones
and soooo many more!

That is a pretty impressive list of just some of the brand names that you can be licensing and selling their products in a matter of moments. Which do you think would be easier to sell right now? Pokemon or some knock off generic toy from China that looks like crap. When given the two options, real vs knockoff, the real brand name product wins every time.

eCommerce is hot. There is no doubt about that.

The problem is that most people don’t want to buy most products from Ali Express and no name products that are out there. It doesn’t mean that people can’t succeed doing that, it is just that it is much harder to do well.

The majority of information products out there are teaching the same old tired eCom methods. Free plus shipping offers for example, and selling products most people don’t want.

We don’t have to play the race to the bottom pricing game. We are selling quality and we charge quality prices for it. When you have items that people want you can charge more. It’s that simple.
We don’t play games. We get hot products and add an
ample mark up on them for extremely targeted audiences.
Here’s a small glimpse at some of our results…
Look again.. that’s less than 24 hours.
We don’t have to carry inventory and don’t have the headaches most other people in the eCom space have.

The fact of the matter is that people want to buy brand names. They want to spend their money on what they know like and trust. That is why this process we are going to show you is so simple and lucrative.

One of the major reasons this works is because the big companies are doing all of the heavy lifting for you. You don’t have to “convince” most people about what you are selling. When you do it right and you follow the process we lay down you are going after rabid fans of the given niche and they love what you are selling.

When you make ads like we do you get so many likes and shares. Your ads go viral. People don’t feel like they are being sold to. They are extremely passionate.

In turn your licensed products get bought. The licensing we teach you to do is not hard. You literally pick from the myriad of products and sell them.

It is not complicated once you know the system. It is a matter of pushing a few mouse clicks and you are ready to go.

We sell all kinds of different merchandise for all kinds of evergreen niches along with what is hot at the moment.

We break it all down. How you can start this business in under 24 hours and be up and running. You can start with a $5 ad spend and scale up. We walk you through how to get the products, how to make your ad, how to pick your niche. The whole nine yards.

Are you tired of products that are just fluff that don’t actually get you results? We can say with certainty that with the simple step by step instructions you can have a real business that is evergreen.
This is not theory and this is not hype.

This is what we have been doing for some time on a daily basis. This is a case study and a step by step guide of what we successfully do. There is so much room for you to do the same.

This is not something that is going to go away tomorrow. People buy licensed goods all day long from all over the world and they have been doing it for years. You just have not been part of the selling side. You have been the buyer your whole life. Now it is time to flip the table!
The beautiful thing is that this works for the brand new person up to the pro. You can start with nothing other than the ability to follow some steps and the desire to win.
Will you promise us that you can follow directions
and start with a tiny $5 ad spend? If you can do that
then you can be on your way.

There are literally thousands of products out there that can be licensed. You want to have success online? It is real simple. Give people what they want.

What we do is go after hot items that people want and we make a mark up on it. We match up the people that are into the movie, or the singer, or the cartoon character or whatever niche it is, to the product we want to sell. It really is as simple as that.

The beautiful part about it is that other people out there are not licensing.
There is no real competition.

This is something that we are doing every day. Can you imagine yourself setting up a campaign at night and without talking to anyone, without making videos, without having to do all the stuff most people don’t like you wake up and there are sales. This is fun to say the least.

GO GREEN With Last WordPress Membership You Will Ever Need

GO GREEN With Last WordPress Membership You Will Ever Need
Sale Page:

Price: $50

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This Course is updated in UNISON with all significant WordPress updates as they are released. Also included – IM BONUSES

What Are The Course Objectives?

Conceptually the goal of this Course/Resource Guide it to provide a “ One Stop Hub “ where Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Marketers can access the latest and most up to date information available regarding the WordPress Content Management System as well as BONUS access to the most current Internet/Online Marketing Resources & Strategies.

How Is This Course Different?

The Core Modules of this revolutionary Course/Resource Guide solves the problem of constantly needing to purchase tutorial after tutorial to ensure you are working with the most recent WordPress Information. The Course is updated in UNISON with all significant WordPress updates as they are released.

How is the Course Structured?

The overall Course/Resource Guide is divided into two main components. The Core WordPress Evergreen Modules and the Internet/Online Marketing Bonus Resource Modules. The secondary component Modules are structured as separate Courses within themselves designed to accommodate your individual needs and goals.

How Long Will the Course Take to Complete?

For the Novice student/user setting up your first WordPress Site in a Self Hosted Environment can be easily achieved within 1 to 3 days obviously depending on the amount of time spent. For the Intermediate/Advanced student/user 1 to 3 hours is a reasonable amount of time to update yourself to all of the latest WordPress updates.

Regarding the Internet/Online Marketing Bonus Modules. We recommend that each student/user adopt a ” learn as needed ” mindset based on your needs and goals. For the Novice student/user we suggest starting these Modules only after you have set up your first Blog Site which will function as your Online Home Base.

How Will You Benefit From This Course?

You will gain immediate access to 17 Core WordPress EVERGREEN Video Lecture Modules. updated in UNISION with all significant WordPress updates presented in an easy to follow logical step by step format to ensure ease of use.
You will acquire the ability to effectively set up your Personal and/or Business Sites for a maximum return on your time and investment.
You will no longer need to purchase WordPress “ HOW TO ” Tutorials every time an updated version is released saving you the time to look for them as well as the expense to purchase them. Peace of mind…..
You will acquire the knowledge and ability to effectively set up and maintain your Online Business in a much shorter time frame.
You will gain immediate access to 15 PLUS additional Internet/Online Marketing Bonus Resource Video Lecture Modules which focus on how to set up and maintain your Internet/Online Marketing Business. These Modules are also presented in an easy to follow logical step by step format to ensure ease of use. (note – these Modules will be added to, removed from as required to maintain quality and usability)

Using LinkedIn To Gain New Clients (as a Solopreneur)

Using LinkedIn To Gain New Clients (as a Solopreneur)
Sale Page:

Price: $80

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A comprehensive course – for coaches, consultants, counselors, solopreneurs – on how to be productive on LinkedIn.

This free and comprehensive course will teach you the most important actions to take on LinkedIn to market your solopreneur business (coaching, consulting, counseling, etc.).

If you had only 30-minutes per week to use LinkedIn, what are the most productive activities?

You’ll be able to quickly learn the concepts & tips by viewing the mindmap. Or, for all the details and nuanced examples, you can watch the video lectures.

The instructor has been teaching social media & online marketing – full time – for 6 years and has appeared in more than 100 virtual events (webinars, teleclasses, podcasts, telesummits.) From 2009-2013, more than 800 people purchased his trainings about social media and online marketing, and thousands more watched his free webinars. Starting in 2014 he made a radical decision to start giving away all his knowledge for free. He is now using Udemy to fulfill that mission.

How I Make 1K+ Per Month Writing Books and Courses [Updated]

How I Make 1K+ Per Month Writing Books and Courses [Updated]
Sale Page:

Price: $289

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Learn an easy way to write books and online courses so you can earn increasing royalties, for work you do only once!

Have you ever wanted to write a book in a day? How about authoring an online course to sell? Do you like residual income, i.e. royalties?

In this course you’ll learn how to accomplish all three of these points; namely: (a) writing a book in five hours or less, (b) turning that book into an online course to sell, and © making sure you are set-up to earn residual income (royalties) that will continue to grow as you produce more content to sell on the world wide web.

This course is for you if you want to work from home successfully as an eBook / book author and self-publisher and course creator. Most importantly though, this course is for you if you like to work fast, produce mountains of profitable content, and all while maintaining the highest quality standards in everything you produce and sell online.

Some features of my system:

You will barely have to edit your manuscripts.
You will barely have to do research.
Neither will you have to spend all day writing books nor fret over instructional design.
You will learn how to:

Write chapters everybody benefits from reading.
Implement a first-class template system so you can write books faster than FAST.
Integrate quality standards in everything you do.
Master English grammar in a flash.
Be a better instructor.
Be a better writer.
I created this system because I was tired of managing freelancers and having to relying on them to create eBooks for my Amazon Kindle publishing business. I was upset by the very low quality standards I was getting from these freelancers. My morals taught me there was a better way, and there is, and this is what you’ll discover when you take my course. You are going to love this!

Five Dollar Posts – Ron Douglas

Five Dollar Posts – Ron Douglas
Sale Page:

Price: $17

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ive Dollar Posts is based on Ron Douglas’ 6-week $997/student live coaching program. Your buyers will learn Ron’s inexpensive evergreen Facebook™ ad strategy that brings him 500+ targeted leads per day.


As soon as I realized the results I was getting from my Facebook Advertising were not your average results, I decided I had to share my secret methods with a small group of students.

So I sold the program to my personal email list and from the stage during the Marketing Mayhem event in San Diego as a 6-week live coaching offer for $997 per student.

Now since this was going to be the first time I was teaching this course, I knew I had to over-deliver because they were paying good money for this 6-week coaching program.

The good news for you is, all of my live, end of the week presentations during those 6-weeks were recorded so the students could review each lesson at their convenience. And to save you time, I’ve condensed this 6-week progam down into just the main components you really need to know to get fantastic results. These recordings and notes are now available to you as part of the Five Dollar Posts Quick Start Training Program.

Why You Should PROMOTE
Experience-Based Course

The Five Dollar Ads course is not based on theory, it’s based on practice. This is the actual process that Ron and his students hava used to build massive lists of 5 and 6 figures of members. This is not a pie-in-the-sky piece of puff!
Trusted Published Author

Ron Douglas is a known best-selling author with appearances on Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, NBC News, Home Shopping Network, as well as a million dollar book deal with NY City publishing powerhouse Simon & Schuster. Promote a REAL person that people will know and trust!
Great Income Opportunity

Reddit Marketing Secrets 2.0 + OTO

Reddit Marketing Secrets 2.0 + OTO
Sale Page:

Price: $2675

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We did an intensive research to make sure the product we create will help your clients get their problems solved immediately.
We create each step of the process in a step-by-step format.
On this course, bonuses, reports, and checklists, we use graphic, screenshot, detailed-examples to allow your audience to understand reddit marketing thoroughly.
We provided your audience with the latest and up-to-date and latest content on reddit Marketing.
Reddit Marketing is an Hot and Evergreen Product.
You will receive highly-converting sales letter, squeeze page, and thank you page.
You will receive daily follow-up messages where the system will automatically provide your potential customers with up-to-date reddit marketing strategies.
You will receive all the graphic in PSD, JPG, and GIF format where you can ADD your name as an author and the owner of the product.
You will receive MS. word and PDF format of reddit Marketing PLR. This allows you to make any necessary modification to build your business.
We created a complete system where you just need to upload your product to your website.
And much, much more. (Well, it is as important as other features we have shared with you!)

The Reddit Marketing PLR Course includes:

Feature #1: Training Guide 2.0 (Value: $600)
Feature #2: Cheat-Sheet (Value: $100)
Feature #3: Mind-Map (Value: $75)
Feature #4: Professional Minisite and HTML (Value: $400)
Feature #5: Sales Copy (Value: $500)
Feature #6: Professional Graphics (Value: $200)
Feature #7: Squeeze Page + Thank You Page (Value: $400)
Feature #8: Nine Follow-up Messages (Value: $100)
Feature #9: Customer List Page (Value: $200)
Feature #10: Set-Up Everything Tutorial (Value: $100)
BONUS #1: 21 Reddit Marketing Tricks 2.0
BONUS #2: Untold Secrets on Getting Massive Traffic With Reddit
BONUS #3: Dominating Reddit Marketing 2.0
BONUS #4: Reddit Marketing 2.0 Cheatsheet
BONUS #5: Build $279,000 Per Year Business in 17 Minutes With Three Simple Steps

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