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Mark Manson – Overcome Anxiety

Mark Manson – Overcome Anxiety
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Are You Being Held Captive By Your Anxiety And Insecurities? Learn The Techniques To Say ‘Screw The Fear’ And Then Do It Anyway
Stop Letting Your Fears Sabotage The Most Important Moments Of Your Life – Start Taking Control Now

I sat there, staring at the empty computer screen, cursor blinking. It had been three days. Not a single email had been written. Not a single web page had been posted.

It was 2008 and my new consulting business was in shambles. I needed a new client. Like, now. Rent was due in two weeks. I barely had enough money for food.

I should have been working like a madman.

But instead, I sat there, sitting, staring at the cursor, blinking on, blinking off.

Should I email some prospects and try to get them on the phone for a sales call? Should I try to network and get myself invited to an event? Should I touch base with my past clients and see if they needed anything else?

The stress mounted. My vision blurred. I opened up the ‘Applications’ menu on my cheap, old used computer and pulled up another video game – my regular choice of escape – and began playing.

And every second I played that game, I hated the fact that I was playing it. I hated myself for playing it. For avoiding what was necessary. For avoiding the person I wanted to be but felt incapable of being.

Yet I kept playing and playing.
How To Stop Running Away From Your Insecurities and Finally Face Them

For years, my life was driven by fear. All of my actions were based on avoidance, procrastination, and insecurity.

Later on, when I finally did get that consulting business up and running, I noticed the same patterns among my clients. Tons of people:

Were terrified to get out of the house more and put themselves in social situations to make new friends.
Wanted to advance their career or start a business but were afraid to take the first necessary risks.
Were anxious around people they were attracted to, unable to speak or show interest.

After working for years with thousands of clients, I discovered a funny trick that, once a person did it, their fears and anxieties would suddenly seem manageable and even easy to overcome.

The trick is simple. Anyone can do it. And it only takes a few moments.

In fact, it was so simple and so obvious that people would often look at me and say, “Wow, that was it? That’s all it takes?”

And that’s the funny thing: just because anxiety feels hard, we convince ourselves that overcoming it must be hard and complicated.

But the key to overcoming your anxiety is actually rather simple. And once you know how, the difficulty becomes much more manageable.

That’s why I’ve put together an online interactive course to help people like you conquer their anxiety once and for all.

It’s a simple step-by-step course that guides you through a series of simple exercises you can do to attack whatever issue is holding you back at the moment.

Each exercise is based on decades of psychological research and is backed up with years of coaching experience.

The course is also interactive, so if you get stuck or feel that your anxiety is particularly unique or you have a special circumstance, you can seek advice from me or other users who have been through similar situations.
When You Sign Up For The ‘Overcome Anxiety Course’ You Will Also Learn:

The root cause of our fears and anxieties and why it’s so hard for us to act despite them. (Hint: it has something to do with biology and reptiles.)
The most common “solution” for anxiety that DOESN’T work and why. (Hint: You’ve probably tried it before. and failed.)
4 lies we tell ourselves whenever we’re afraid to do something – how to spot them and get rid of them.
The ONLY foolproof method to get you over your fears, backed by decades of psychological research (You’d likely pay a therapist thousands of dollars for this alone.)
The simple psychological trick to act despite your fear so you can tackle whatever is holding you back.
What the subtle difference between confidence and insecurity is and how to achieve it.
How myself and hundreds of other users also used these tools to conquer our fears and how you can learn from our experiences.
And much more.

The Overcome Anxiety Course is a series of videos lessons. Each video presents a concept or idea, and then at the end of the video, you are given an exercise to carry out.

These exercises are often interactive, requiring you to go out into the world and try something, or to communicate with other members of the course and analyze each other’s thought patterns and behaviors.

Once you complete an exercise, you write up what you learned and submit it, then you move on to the next lesson. By the end of the course, once you’ve completed all of the lessons, you should have made significant progress battling against whatever anxiety is holding you back.

The course can also be repeated. So going through it once may get you 50% of the way there. But going through it twice will get you 90% of the way there.

You can also go back and reuse it on different anxieties. Because if you’re like me, you’ve got more insecurities than you know what to do with!
“The biggest benefit was the rapid elimination of fear and anxiety, by way of the simple exercises. The tasks not only helped me internalize the principles, they also enabled me to reduce fear.”
– Matt, Oregon
“It is a really awesome course mate. I love that it is authentic and simple. Very powerful stuff. Thanks.”
– Jason, Queensland
Included: Dozens of Hours of Bonus Seminars and Interviews

This is where I put on my Billy Mays mask and say, “But wait, there’s more!”

Because there is more, bitch!

Every course member also gets private access to my own little Ft. Knox of recorded seminars, interviews, podcasts, and old articles and audio. It’s all available to download, more than 40 files in all, and it’s all free with your course membership.

I’m also regularly updating the stash with new interviews and Q&A videos that I record exclusively for course members.

Don’t ever say I didn’t love you.
“Excellent idea, and effective. The progressive desensitization approach is very intelligent, and one I wish to use in all areas of life. Thanks!”
– Dan, Vermont
A Community Full of Feedback And Support

As a course member, you get access to a private forum where you can discuss life problems, major life decisions, nerdy self-improvement topics, and solicit people for advice.

The forum is stocked with hundreds of users going through similar struggles as your own, as well as a small group of qualified experts there to give people personalized advice.
“I have been becoming much more open and vulnerable lately due to the fact that I just feel way more relaxed when I talk to people and get the ball rolling. It’s made all the difference. I used to be very neurotic and guarded around people. Now I feel ‘normal’ for the first time ever.”

Peter Parks Aggressive Affiliates

Peter Parks Aggressive Affiliates
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The reason why I got interested in Aggressive Affiliates is because one marketer behind it – Peter Parks. He’s one of the so called underground marketers who does actual work instead of just selling rehashed stuff. I’ve been watching him on the forums and from the stuff he posted, I knew he knows what he’s talking about. Aggressive Affiliates with Eric Rockefeller is his first high end product that comes to the spotlight.

Aggressive Affiliates is basically a course about CPA and Google Content Network with some extras. That means it teaches you how to promote CPA offers, and how to get dirt cheap traffic from Google Content Network to your offers.Aggressive Affiliates Video

Google Content Network is a very under-rated beast. I know that from the first hand experience. However, not only it can be just as well converting as the search traffic, it is much cheaper (think 1-5 cents per click) – there are thousands upon thousands of websites in the network, the competition is not a major factor anymore.

But eventhough it sounds simple, it’s not. This is the reason why most marketers dismiss it – it’s not the same as search network and requires completely different approach. Aggressive Affiliates teaches that approach.

It’s good that a product focuses on one thing, it really is. It’s easier to learn and get great results by focusing on one thing rather than running amuck from one thing to another. It can decide if you have success or not.

On the other hand, I’m not too sure a course can be complete by focusing only on one thing. That’s what concerns me about Aggressive Affiliates – call me a perfectionist. It’s something to think about nonetheless.

If it wasn’t for Peter Parks, I’d probably wouldn’t have paid any attention to this course. But I’ve been watching him and I know he knows the stuff, so this product will not be just another rehash.

Kick Ass Copywriting Crash Course

Kick Ass Copywriting Crash Course
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The Kick-Ass Copywriting Crash Course consists of 8 videos, averaging of 45 mins each. Who The Hell Is John Carlton?

John Carlton slyly refers to himself as “the most ripped-off writer on the Web”, and no one on the inside of the online business world disagrees. Other marketers also call John “the most respected writing teacher alive”. and the list of well-known marketers who freely reference John as their primary mentor for writing sales messages is just staggering.

Start & Grow Your Staffing & Recruiting Lifestyle Business

Start & Grow Your Staffing & Recruiting Lifestyle Business
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Course Description
Get ready to make $12,000 or more per month from Staffing & Recruitment. You can turn your interests into a niche Human Resources lifestyle recruiting business.

Learn the Step-by-Step Formula I Used for Building a $2.6M Revenue Staffing Agency & Recruiting Service in One Year ($1.5M in 7 Months).

Learn how to start-up with no money
Learn how to follow your passions as a recruiter
Learn how to attract amazing customers extremely quickly
Learn how to charge a premium price
Learn how to fund your payroll without credit
Learn how to outsource your payroll and administration
Learn how to create systems to free up your time
Learn how to collect your money the easy way
Learn how to manage your business while you travel
Learn how to build a business you can sell

This course is for people who are interested in a fantastic entrepreneurial venture that they can start with extremely little start-up money. Anywhere from the completely inexperienced who have never been in recruiting, to people who have 20 years+ of staffing & recruitment experience.

This course is also for Staffing, Recruitment & HR professionals & entrepreneurs who have thought about starting a staffing agency or a recruitment business.

If you already work in this industry, you probably want more control over how you do things. You want to explore ways to get a bigger piece of the profit pie. You want to escape micromanagement and rigid methodology.

Also, you want to put the pieces of the day together your way and decide how many hours you work. You want to put systems in place that help you work less and earn more.

The Problem with Starting a Staffing Service or Recruiting Business if You Have Never Done it? It Can be Complicated and Disastrous if You don’t Know What to Do.

If you are someone who is totally new to recruiting or recruiting business or recruiting business development– or if you are an internal employee of an employment agency, or a virtual recruiter, or even someone who specializes in digital and online recruitment, the questions are many.

How do you start your recruitment business without money?

What section of the staffing market will you service? How will you build an immediate book of recruitment business? How will you finance your payroll for temporary and contract employees? How will you ensure companies actually pay your staffing agency? How do you stay in staffing agency compliance and cover yourself legally? How do you not get eaten alive by agency payroll burdens and worker’s compensation costs? How do you advertise your recruiting services cheaply and keep the flow of candidates coming in? How do you automate your recruitment sales and service? How do you hire other recruiting specialists extremely cheaply?

Perhaps the biggest questions are these:

How do you build freedom into the equation? How do you work less and earn more? How do you free up your time and start removing yourself from the daily operations?

Start & Grow Your Staffing & Recruitment Lifestyle Business answers these questions as well as others. My team and I have packaged up into step-by-step simplified content the lessons, tools, strategies and problem-solving systems borne out of my own journey from Zero to $1.5M in 7 months when I first started my own business and set out as a Staffingpreneur.

This course reveals the potential catastrophes of starting your own recruitment business or staffing agency and it provides the solutions before you encounter them. It sets out a practical and achievable easy-to-follow program for reaching the stated goals. The course is designed to help staffing and recruitment service entrepreneurs build their business foundation in order to develop it into a sellable asset that can be converted to a lifestyle business or eventually sold.

What are the requirements?
What am I going to get from this course?
Tap into the strategies, resources, tools & processes for creating $1.5M revenue in 7 months as a staffingpreneur.
What is the target audience?
1. Aspiring entrepreneurs looking for a fantastic venture requiring very little startup investment.
2. Staffing professionals interested in more freedom, independence, earning potential & entrepreneurship.
3. Staffingpreneurs looking to grow quickly or turn things around.
4. Successful Staffingpreneurs who have good revenue but want to make their business less dependent on its founders.
5. Staffing & Recruitment professionals looking to create more time for other activities and ventures.

David Gordon – Therapeutic Metaphor Training

David Gordon – Therapeutic Metaphor Training
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David Gordon, Co-Developer of NLP reveals
Therapeutic metaphor

The legendary Milton Erickson, the famed Hypnotherapist, was renowned for his ability to assist people in making dramatic personal change. For people who didn’t recognize what he was doing, Erickson simply told stories, parables, or jokes. Others recognized there were deeper patterns at work.

Erickson made it look so easy he even fooled the experts. Erickson’s student Ernest Rossi watched Milton work with a client and recorded the hypnotic induction step by step in the book, “Hypnotic Realities.” But when it came to observing work with the client, Rossi abruptly broke off the transcript and wrote… at this point Dr. Erickson began to tell a story.

Even one of Erickson’s top students didn’t recognize these brilliant patterns when they were used…and neither will the people you work with.

Many years ago, in one of his classic cases, Erickson had a client with a severe case of premature ejaculation. He was unable to enjoy a normal sex life because of his problem.

The man was very embarrassed about his problem and was unable to openly discuss his problem with Erickson…so the master told him a story.

Erickson discussed the case in an article “A Study of Experimental Neuroissis Hypnotically Induced in a Case of Ejaculato Praecox” which was published in the British Journal of Medical Psychology in 1935. Those were fancy words for Erickson telling the man a specially constructed story.

Erickson stunned the research world with his paper. Luminaries such as Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson begged Erickson to explain exactly how he developed his complex story. Erickson devoted an entire article in 1944 revealing his process and yet…

his process was so difficult and complex virtually no one was able to use Therapeutic metaphor as a treatment modality other than Erickson.

Until David Gordon came along and cracked the code and made Therapeutic metaphor accessible to all.

The Power of metaphor

metaphors are more than a way to talk about an experience. metaphors are our experience. They set the filters through which we perceive and make sense out of the world. Because of this fact, metaphors serve as powerful levers capable of shifting perception and experience. As a result, you can transform people’s behavior.

Therapeutic metaphors are specially designed stories which are a simple yet ideal tool for overt or covert change. You see, people see themselves in the stories they hear and become part of the story.

So the real power of Therapeutic metaphor is designing an elegant story which can ignite great personal change.

Telling Stories…For A Change

Erickson discovered when he told stories, he totally bypassed conscious resistance. Telling Therapeutic metaphors is very similar to planting a seed. Some spring forth immediately while others only work over time.

The real beauty of Therapeutic metaphors is their ability to affect deep and lasting change in an indirect and even covert manner.

This means when you tell the Therapeutic metaphor, no one need ever be aware of your intent. And you can help people make profound changes in their lives, without them ever knowing you did a thing.

Here’s how metaphor works. There are two kinds of metaphors: isomorphic and universal. In an isomorphic metaphor there is a one to one relationship between every event in the story and the real world situation.

True Life Application of Therapeutic metaphors

Although I’ve used Therapeutic metaphors countless times, there was one case which worked out so well, it surprised me as well. A family contacted me because their son joined an extreme cult and cut off all connections with the family. He cut off his telephone because he considered it the work of the Devil. He would only communicate through the mail.

One day, he invited his brother for a visit. The young man informed his brother of the terms. They would sit in the park and silently admire God’s creation – nothing more. And if this agreement was violated, the visit was over.

So, he couldn’t talk about any of the real important issues and he came to my office with an impossible challenge. “How can I get through to my brother if I can’t talk to him.”

I wrote a Therapeutic metaphor and we disguised it as a newspaper article and left it in the young man’s bathroom. Less than one month later, he returned home to his family.

Yes, it’s an amazing story but you will have this ability as well when you discover the power of Therapeutic metaphor.

Unlimited Applications And Unlimited Power To Assist Others

Although Erickson and many students of NLP use Therapeutic metaphor in therapy, there are many other valuable uses including:

Being able to hear and appreciate the significance of the metaphors people use to describe their experiences and being able to relate right back to them on those terms.
Communicating more effectively with members of your family and talking to them about really difficult topics. It’s often hardest to work with family members but Therapeutic metaphor makes it all possible.
Persuade a client to take action without asking for a sale. Your results will soar and you’ll never lose rapport with the client.

metaphors create a shared language and a shared world in which you can easily and impact fully communicate to others.

And here is the best part, that shared world of Therapeutic metaphor can become one in which the client finds their own resolution to their problem. And you can be the one who makes it all possible.

Are You Still Using Outdated Techniques?

In the Glory Days of NLP, David Gordon was one of the co-developers. He was part of an inner circle with Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Leslie Cameron-Bandler, and Robert Dilts.

John Grinder and Richard Bandler had just completed their extraordinary modeling of Milton Erickson and produced three books or Erickson’s language and therapeutic patterns.

David Gordon was charged with producing a model of Erickson’s stories. The result was “Therapeutic metaphors” which was published in 1978. Armed with Gordon’s magical work, people were able to use Therapeutic metaphors to induce profound change.

But ever since the date of publication, David continued to refine and develop his work. Unfortunately, only a handful of people have ever been updated on Therapeutic metaphor.

Imagine if you were still running a computer on PC-DOS 1.0? You’d be missing out on the power, the elegance, and all the latest developments.

Lost David Gordon Tapes Recently Discovered And Transferred to DVD

couple of years back, David presented a rare three day seminar at my offices in Florida. It was sold out and people came from all around the world to attend.

Here’s what some of them had to say about the seminar:

“Half way through the seminar, I changed the way I did therapy…forever!” – S. Rea Rapavi, M.Ht.

“Every therapist who wants help their clients change should be using David’s powerful techniques.” – J. Arthur Van Wyck

“David Gordon’s training in Therapeutic metaphor should be required viewing for parents, therapists, and sales people.” – Helen Marie

We recorded every word on Digital Video and then…I’m embarrassed to say, I put them on a shelf in my office and forgot all about them. Until David published his new book on Modeling

We’ve found them recently and had them transferred to five DVD’s. And we have the notes David gave out at the seminar.

But this may be the clincher…

Have you ever heard David Gordon tell a story? Wow. David tells Therapeutic metaphors throughout the program and it’s very easy to adapt David’s stories and use them throughout your own work. Hey, I use David’s stories all the time and they really work.

Just Twelve 8 Sets Are Available

People paid nearly six hundred dollars to hear David present Therapeutic metaphor Live. And they didn’t get copies of the recordings to use for review.

But you can go over these recordings again and again.

Travis Petelle – E-Com Start to Finish Project

Travis Petelle – E-Com Start to Finish Project
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Price: $497

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Discover My Step By Step Walk Through For Developing A Real Authority E-Commerce Brand.

What’s up, Travis Petelle here. If you’re looking for a step by step walk through for developing a real authority e-commerce brand, you’ve come to the right place.

In this 4 part Start to Finish Project, I will take you by the hand and show you every piece of the system that you need to fully understand to have a true long term authority e-commerce business on your hands.

As more and more competitors join the marketplace, it’s extremely important that you learn how to take your business to the next level and stand out from the rest. That’s exactly what I’m going to help you accomplish in this training program.

I’ve been lucky enough to generate multiple millions of dollars through my e-commerce businesses as well as help multiple students and readers reach this same levle of success. It all comes down to a laid out and optimized system which you can repeat to see the same success I’ve accomplished.

Here’s what I’ll be covering in this start to finish project.

Session 1 – Creating the Ultimate Authority Shopify Store

During session 1, I will show you everything you need to know for creating an e-commerce store which people can’t help but want to purchase from. You’ll see.

– How to find the best products to offer your ideal audience.
– How to create the best store layout that maximizes conversions.
– Which Shopify apps are a must have to make your life easier on a daily basis.
– What roadblocks you can bypass to speed up your success.

Session 2 – The Marketing Plan for Massive Sales

In session 2, you’ll get an expansive look at my overall marketing plan for any brand I launch. This isn’t just focused on a single traffic source, but rather takes into consideration ALL quality traffic sources that can produce sales. Inside, you’ll learn.

– How to generate massive amounts of quality buyers using Facebook advertising without losing the bank.
– How to leverage the quality authority brand you’ve created to get free traffic from Influencers across the web.
– What you need to do to generate quality buyers from traffic sources like Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites.
– How to expand your brand to a mega level by utilizing Google advertising.

Session 3 – Building A True Brand

This is where the real magic starts. Inside session 3, you’ll discover the systems for becoming a truly unique auhtority brand. I’ll show you how to take the success you’ve had from Session 1 & 2 to leverage that into.

– How to be one of a kind with private labeled products.
– How to create authority branded packaging so customers know they can’t get your goods anywhere else.
– What you need to do to iron out any kinks in your fulfillment & customer support so that your sales never stop.

Session 4 – Going For Gold

In session 4, you’ll see how to create a brand that lasts for the long term. Too many e-commerce businesses focuses on just the front end sale, when our focus is on creating a house hold brand for life. In this sesion, you’ll discover.

– How to build a monthly box offer that turns a one time customer into a buyer for months to come.
– What email structures and backend newsletters are the key to cranking up the life time value for every customer you generate.
– How to leverage your new found long term success to ramp up advertising and forecast for big big things to come.

If you want to build a truly successful long term e-commerce brand in a pool of one hit wonders, this is the program for you.

Ryan Stewman – Break Free Academy(2016)

Ryan Stewman – Break Free Academy(2016)
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Price: $1997

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Here’s just a small taste of what it teaches inside:

An “almost magic” phrase you can say the first time you talk to a lead that will get them wanting to work with you (and ONLY you) right out the gate! (Best part: works like crazy even for brand new agents who have trouble closing deals.)

How to get your sleazy competitors (without them even knowing it) to help you get more leads for YOUR business! (Simply follow my instructions and they become like your unpaid interns generously making you deals day and night.)

The “Shawshank Redemption” secret for turning friends, strangers, and even competitors into dozens of hot, ready to buy/sell leads that are 100% eager to work ONLY with you. (This is something prison convicts do to stay alive and out of trouble – yet, not 1 in 100 so-called experts even knows about it. But you will if you get my system while it’s still available to the public.)

A little-known way to follow up with hundreds of leads per day even if you stay in bed or are out playing golf with your friends. (Just set aside 2 minutes in the morning and in the evening to do this and you’re done. If you want to scale your business and blow right past the $20k-$30k ceiling while having MORE free time, this is how you do it.)

A quickie “crash course” for making the Internet your own, personal 24/7 lead-generation machine working tirelessly on your behalf. (And don’t worry, if you can check email, you have all the tech skills you need to do this.)

How to make yourself the go-to agent in your market – even to leads who don’t like you! (It’s the easiest way to turn hostile leads into eager buyers I’ve ever seen.)

The single biggest mistake 99% of real estate professionals make each day that kills deals on the spot. (Nearly everyone I talk to – even “successful” people – does this, and it’s killing their sales. Chances are you are making this mistake, too, and are basically robbing yourself of money. Details inside.)

A ridiculously simple “fool proof” way to track prospects who aren’t ready to buy now. (And, how to arrange it so that when they are ready to buy, you’ll be the ONLY person they want to call!)

How even a shy, introverted shut-in who’s scared to talk to people can dominate networking events. (Just do this and you’ll be the only person people you talk to remember. And, when they’re ready to buy, you’ll also be the only person they will have any desire to call.)

A scientifically proven way (discovered by psychologists years ago) to “hack” into your prospect’s brain so they trust you and feel like you’re their best friend. (And, because of that, won’t even think about doing business with anyone else but you.)

How to “jimmy” your cell phone so it does the work of 7 hardcore sales people making you deals all at the same time! (Doing this to your phone is the next best thing to cloning yourself and being in multiple places at once – almost guaranteeing you never lose a sales opportunity again.)

How to turn Facebook into your unpaid star sales assistant. (Follow these simple instructions and you’ll never have to pay through the nose for advertising again – plus, in many cases, the leads you get will be exclusive JUST to you!)
A free way to get up to 10x’s more leads finding your website via search engines. (These free leads seek you out and ask you if they can buy from you – basically turning you into a glorified and high paid order taker.)

How to generate hundreds of buyer/seller leads per year using social media sites – even if you have no friends on them now. (And, how to do it without breaking any of their rules or looking like a desperate spammer. In fact, do what I show you correctly and people might even THANK you for selling to them!)

How even people without a high school education and who have never touched a computer before can generate hundreds of leads per day online. (And, how you can start generating these leads in less time than it takes to watch your favorite TV show!)

How to use an ordinary cell phone camera to build a massive following of people eager to talk to you about buying a home! (Funny thing about this is, it’s so obvious and easy, practically nobody in our industry does it.)

How to “side step” the mistakes most agents make when landing clients and taking them through the sales process. (HINT: When you do it my way, the sale is closed at the beginning of the process, not the end, which makes it hard to fail even if you say something stupid or bungle an objection.)

Why so many paid ads generate nothing but horrible leads who have no intention of ever buying. (And, how to tweak your paid ads so you get nothing but hot, eager buyer/seller leads ready to get started the first time you talk to them.)

The “folk lore” secret of using ugly ad photos to get people practically standing in line to tour properties for sale. (This secret is admittedly a bit weird, but it’s still one of the most reliable ways to help sell homes ever invented.)

What to say on your ad listings to make leads feel completely comfortable contacting you and buying from you. (People only buy from sellers they know, like, and trust – say this in your listings, and you’ll almost be like an old family friend they can’t wait to do business with before they even contact you!)

How to contact people in a way where you never look like you’re needy or being a nag. (Nothing will kill a sale like neediness and nagging. If you ONLY did this simple thing I explain inside, you will automatically be more successful, even if you do everything else wrong!)

The “one click trick” method for making whatever property you’re selling automatically more valuable in your prospect’s mind. (I do this on my website listings all the time – and it makes nearly any property seem more valuable, regardless of its condition.)
How to avoid phone tag and long, tedious email threads with people you want to make appointments with. (Do this and your appointment setting becomes 100% automatic, and makes it almost impossible for you or your prospect to ever miss an appointment.)

How to quickly and cheaply “position” yourself as the best-in-the-industry – so buyers and sellers flock to you first and can’t even imagine doing business with anyone else! (If you have good positioning in your area, you can make big money even if you’re not the most well-known, most trusted, or best selling agent in town. In fact, this is one of the main reasons Break Free Academy has such an off-the-charts success rate.)

A clever way to look, sound, and appear highly confident even if you don’t have all the answers. and even if you don’t know what you’re doing yet! (If you’re brand new to the business, this one tip alone can shave years off your journey to becoming a top salesman.)

How to get other businesses to (1) reduce your ad spend (2) increase market awareness about you and your business and (3) make you a lot more sales with a lot less effort.

A sneaky (but completely legal and ethical) way to use LinkedIn to generate hundreds of leads per year for free. (And, in just minutes per day!)

Break Free Academy shows you the quickest and safest way ever discovered for building a big team while doing the least amount of work possible. If you’re just starting out, it can help you “glide” right into your first 6-figure year. If you’re already doing $20k or $30k per month and sick of working 70+ hour weeks to maintain your income, it can help you scale to 7-figures while working just a few hours per week.

Selena Soo – Influence Elite

Selena Soo – Influence Elite
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Price: $797

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Dear Hard-Working Entrepreneur Who is Ready to Make It Big…

May I be honest with you?

Because there’s something I think you need to hear…

Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone.

And not everyone who takes the leap to start a business actually “makes it.”

In fact, only a very select group will ever make it to the top.

A lot of would-be entrepreneurs eventually go back to day jobs. And others keep plugging away for years, losing tremendous amounts of money or barely breaking even.

But the ones who DO make it? They get to live their dreams…
and they get paid great money for work they love.

Because here’s the thing –

When YOU decided to become an entrepreneur, you had a dream of your own.

Maybe you wanted…

– To leave behind the 9-5 corporate lifestyle. (Having no control over your schedule, dealing with annoying office politics, and feeling a constant pressure to prove yourself.)
– To pursue your passions, seek out your purpose, and fulfill your potential… all while making an impact on the world. (You want to feel alive and challenged – and you want your life to have meaning.)
– To have location independence & financial freedom. (You’d rather be working from a beach in Thailand than chained to a desk in a dreary office. And, as an entrepreneur, you have unlimited earning potential.)

Maybe it was just one or two of those… Or maybe it was all of the above.

Whatever your dream is – you’ve learned that entrepreneurship can be a ticket to freedom.

After all, you see what life can look like when you succeed as a business owner.

You see people leading powerful masterminds, becoming known for their messages, and getting 6-figure book deals. And still – they have plenty of time for friends & family, personal growth, and travel.

Become an Online Instructor Developer

Become an Online Instructor Developer
Sale Page:

Price: $120

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Become an Online Instructor
Whether teaching a graduate course, music lessons, or a how-to on YouTube, being able to create elearning is a valuable skill. Get the skills you need to help others effectively learn in a way that allows them to choose the device they use, the time when they will learn, and even the learning pace.

course illustration for Foundations of Online Instruction
Foundations of Online Instruction with Oliver Schinkten
Discover the keys to successfully teach online. Learn how to use learning management systems, design an online class, track progress, and meaningfully engage students.
2h 5m • COURSE
course illustration for Up and Running with Adobe Presenter 10
Up and Running with Adobe Presenter 10 with Anastasia McCune
Learn to create interactive training videos, demonstrations, and video presentations with Adobe Presenter 10 and Adobe Presenter Video Express.
course illustration for Captivate 9 Essential Training
Captivate 9 Essential Training with Pooja Jaisingh
Adobe elearning evangelist Pooja Jaisingh walks through the foundations of using Captivate 9 and Captivate Draft to create responsive, interactive elearning presentations.
4h 51m • COURSE
course illustration for Up and Running with Articulate Studio ’13
Up and Running with Articulate Studio ’13 with Daniel Brigham
Learn how to create elearning with Articulate Studio.
2h 12m • COURSE
course illustration for Up and Running with Lectora Inspire
Up and Running with Lectora Inspire with David Rivers
Learn to create sleek, interactive elearning courses with Lectora Inspire.
4h 12m • COURSE
course illustration for Up and Running with Lectora Online 2.0
Up and Running with Lectora Online 2.0 with David Rivers
Start creating cloud-based training using Lectora Online, an elearning authoring tool that combines the power of Lectora Inspire with cloud collaboration tools.
4h 42m • COURSE
course illustration for Up and Running with SCORM and Tin Can API
Up and Running with SCORM and Tin Can API with David Rivers
How do you get elearning content into your LMS? Find out how to bridge the gap with SCORM and the Tin Can API.
course illustration for Learning Management System (LMS) Fundamentals
Learning Management System (LMS) Fundamentals with Aaron Quigley
Discover what a learning management system is and how to use it to engage learners.
41m 44s • COURSE
course illustration for Camtasia Studio 8 Essential Training
Camtasia Studio 8 Essential Training with Chris Mattia
Demonstrates the powerful screen recording capabilities of Camtasia Studio, including how to set up, record, edit, and share a professional looking screencast.
6h 19m • COURSE
course illustration for Adobe Captivate Prime Essential Training
Adobe Captivate Prime Essential Training with Pooja Jaisingh
Learn how to use Adobe Captivate Prime to create and deliver online responsive elearning.
2h 14m • COURSE
course illustration for How to Make Accessible Learning
How to Make Accessible Learning with Oliver Schinkten
Learn to provide accommodations to make learning accessible to students with disabilities, and meet Section 508 compliance for digital learning.

Copyhackers – The Conversion Copywriting Workshop

Copyhackers – The Conversion Copywriting Workshop
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Price: $497

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The Conversion Copywriting Workshop
As presented and recorded at ConversionXL Live.
With a strong emphasis on finding and organizing your messages before you begin writing, this conversion copywriting workshop will help you not only write better copy but think like a copywriter in everything you do. Discover the words to use to speak directly to a single reader. See how to make sense of those words and messages. And get the tips and techniques you need to turn good messages into great copy.

Plus, because this is a recording of a live workshop, you’ll see how others struggle with copy. And you’ll watch as the original conversion copywriter Joanna Wiebe coaches copywriters through their challenges.

Your Instructor
Joanna Wiebe

The original conversion copywriter, Joanna has optimized web and email copy for the likes of Wistia, Buffer, Crazy Egg, Neil Patel, Shopify, Indochino, Invision, Tesco and countless others. She’s been invited to teach conversion copywriting on the stages of Mozcon, Heroconf, SearchLove, CXL Live, CTA Conf, SydStart, Problogger, DCI Summit, Authority, Microconf, Wooconf, Business of Software and dozens more.

The CEO of and Warrior Forum, Matt Barrie read Joanna’s ebooks on a flight back to Australia, promptly told his team to read them, promptly invited Joanna to be interviewed for his massive audience, and promptly proclaimed – without a word of prompting – “These ebooks changed my life.”

And when Brian Clark – one of the best known copywriters on the planet – wanted to hire someone to optimize his copy for Rainmaker, Digital Commerce Institute and Authority, guess who he hired. Yup: Joanna. She is the cofounder of Copy Hackers.

The Curriculum
The Workshop:

Start by identifying the “stage of awareness” of your prospect
With the stage of awareness in mind, apply the Rule of One
Part 1: Find your message
Part 2: Find your messages
Part 3: Find your messages
Part 4: Find your messages
How to phrase your messages
Optimize the elements
Finish by editing in the awesome

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