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The Cold Email MasterClass from Mailshake

Name Product: The Cold Email MasterClass from Mailshake
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Price: $199

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We cover everything you need to complete your journey from novice to master cold email outreach performer right here. Heres what well cover:

Lesson #1 How to Write a Good Email

Well look at the prep work that goes into writing an effective cold email as well as explore different templates you can draw on for inspiration.
Lesson #2 Writing Subject Lines, Opening Lines & Body Copy

Well take a deep dive into three critical components of your cold emails: your subject line, opening line and body copy.
Lesson #3 Expediting the Sales Outreach Process

Well explore the tools and processes you can use to find anyones contact information. Use them to focus and fine-tune your cold emailing efforts so youre reaching likely buyers not tire-kickers.
Lesson #4 Personalization

Personalization is about more than the first name merge field. In this lessons, well cover the specific types of personalization you should be using, as well as when they should be deployed.
Lesson #5 Building a Quality Check Process

Dont damage your reputation with an error-riddled email. Reference the “10 Questions” given in Lesson #5 before sending out every cold email.
Lesson #6 Follow Up Emails

92% of salespeople give up after four “nos”, but 80% of prospects say “no” four times before they say “yes.” In this lessons, well cover how to put together an effective follow up series that saves the deals youre missing now.
Lesson #7 Analyze, Optimize & Scale

Cold email optimization is the difference between lackluster performance and sales messaging success. Here, well cover what to test, how to test it and how to scale your cold email campaigns.
Lesson #8 Expert Sessions

Dont just take my word for all of this. Check out Lesson #8 for video interviews with cold email experts who give you their best suggestions for sending sales emails.

Kali Linux Ric Messier Security Testing and Ethical Hacking

Name Product: Ric Messier Security Testing and Ethical Hacking with Kali Linux

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Analysts and engineers performing security testing or penetration testing are typically expected to deliver a report at the end of their work.

In this video, created for entry-to-intermediate-level security engineers, youll learn to use the Kali Linux toolsets that help you handle three major tasks associated with producing such reports. First, youll learn about the Kali tools that let you manipulate and manage the sometimes overwhelming volume of data that security and penetration test generate. Second, youll learn about the Kali tools that help you capture and organize your test notes before integrating them into your reports. Third, youll learn about the Kali tools that let you collaborate with your security colleagues to collect, manage, and prepare comprehensive reports. Participants should have access to Kali Linux before starting this course.

Learn Kali toolsets that manipulate and manage large volumes of data acquired during security tests
Discover Kali toolsets that allow you to capture test notes and integrate them into reports
Explore Kali toolsets that enable collaboration and reporting among your security colleagues

James Beattie Business Builder Live

Name Product: James Beattie Business Builder Live
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Price: $997

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Building A Six Figure Business From Scratch. LIVE!

Who am I and what do I do?
I am James Beattie a 20 year old entrepreneur who loves building businesses.
I actually do this stuff and over the next 90 days I want to take you on a journey where you can build your business along side me. Its great having all these gurus teach you stuff but do they actually do it? A lot of them dont. Over the past year I have built multiple 6 + 7 Figure businesses.

I am a no fluff, no bullshit type of guy who wants to get you results. Look ive been in the position where ive struggled. I have started a lot of businesses which have flopped but I didnt give up. I persevered, I stuck it out and it paid off! Unlike some people Im not going to make you crazy promises that your going to be able to do no work and make millions.

Thats not how it works. I know the process of building a successful ecommerce store and it doesnt happen over night. It takes time and effort. maybe you have tested a couple of products for a week and didnt get results? Well heres the thing so have I. That shit happens, its normal. Its how you take the data that you got and use it to make your next move.
Thats why over the next 90 days I am going to live stream me building a brand new niche ecommerce store. Im going to build it completely from scratch while you watch over my shoulder. A select few people are going to be able to join me on this journey and build their business from the ground up in 90 days!

Its going to be a complete behind the scenes look at what it takes day in day out to do this and make it work for you. Nothing will be left out. Its totally uncut and if your lucky enough to grab a spot you will be able to ask me questions live as im working on this.
What youre going to experience over the next 90 days.

Ill be taking you on the full journey. Im going to work at least 7 hours per week on this specific store. I want to replicate the process most of you guys are going through. Most of you guys have a 9 to 5, kids other obligations. Ive been there I used to do it too.

Working 10 hours a day on your business just isnt realistic for a lot of people. Thats why I wanted to limit my time spent on the business and also start with a small budget to make it as close to your experience as possible.

The Store
I will be holding nothing back. You will know the store, the niche and the products. I will be taking you through the whole building and optimisation process as 90 days goes on.
You will be able to watch me build out ads from scratch. Do the research into the niche. Scale and optimise campaigns. Get inside my head and pick my brain about why I am making the adjustments that I do.

The Ads
The Community
For this store their will be a huge focus on building out a community. No one really talks about this. I will be showing you how I will be building a thriving group of fans that believe in the message of our company.
One of the big goals of this company is to implement a subscription based model where we have continuity in the business. This will eventually allow us to sell the company for a lot more on exit.

The People
You will be joining a group of like minded entrepreneurs who are doing this stuff too. Discuss strategy share results and grow your network. After all you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Spend it with people who have similar goals in mind.

Freshers Guide Software Jobs, Skills, Job Profiles

Name Product: Freshers Guide Software Jobs, Skills, Job Profiles
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Price: $179

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Course also covers different job roles like computer programmer, Web Developer , Mobile Application Developer, Database Developers, DevOps Engineer, Technical Architect, Database Modular, Database Analyst etc.. roles their responsibilities and how to prepare for that.

As a Fresher/Experienced Software Person : Many people always confused to understand “What is What” from 100s of Technologies in the Industry and they dont have anyone to explain all of these skills. Many times training/coaching classes are misguide you to sell what they have and not what you should get.

Here in this course you get Overall Software Technology/Development insight.

As a fresher we always seek for information which may not available radially & Together like What is Hot Skills in industry right now ? What kind of jobs available in market ? what are Job Roles and their Responsibilities ? Is there anything I can do as freelancer ?

This Course will help you to Do “Self Study” of yourself and come up right judgement on : What is good for you Is that JAVA or Python? Database -PLSQL Programming or Database Administrator or Systems Administrator, Big Data or Cloud?, Graphic Designer or Web Designer? Tester or Developer ? Android or iPhone Developer? etc etc etc …..

Some Other Questions answered here in course are

What is Big Data, Hadoop, Spark… ?
What is Cloud ? How they work ?
What is DevOps means and if hat fits in my career?
What is the Role of Architect in Software Development ?
What does really Database Programmer do.?
Will I be Manager or Architect in my career after few years ?
What is Agile vs SDLC ?
What is Production Support/ Operations Work ?
What is ERP , Web , Mobile Apps etc etc How they work all together ?
I am Business partner for IT Who will explain me what Business Intelligence, How does it work ?
Also if you are Non-IT Managers or Business Stakeholders and wants to understand IT in nutshell switch in IT Project or Support them effectively?


I have tried to draw BIG picture of Current IT technologies so that it is very easy for your to pick what you want to do next.

Forex & Financial Market Trading Tutorial- Online Strategies

Name Product: Forex & Financial Market Trading Tutorial- Online Strategies
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Price: Free

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PFOREX offers valuable and top notch services to boost traders gain, trading skills and knowledge. These services are delivered via website, PFOREX, as well as Desktop, iOS and Android Apps, PFOREX Assist.

Any investment especially in financial markets needs plenty of knowledge and study beforehand. Owing to numerous and exuberance information and areas of study, institutional and individual investors and traders have to spend too much time to study required educational materials and articles.

PFOREX, through years of precious and profound experience in financial markets, has gathered utmost reliable and sound educational materials and articles under different categories and courses; Primary, Intermediate, Advanced and Professional as well as Supplementary, Strategy and Binary Options.

Every category has various through courses in diverse sections that have direct or indirect relevance to Forex and other financial markets from Electronic currencies to unique and proprietary strategies developed by PForex R&D department.

Since investment and trading in financial markets are performed in all countries, PForex Support department has provided all educational materials in different languages. All educational materials are provided in two formats; Text and Video.

Digital Coaching for SMEs

Name Product: Digital Coaching for SMEs
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Price: $279

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Digital marketing is a critical element of business. In this series part 1 will unfold the importance of digital media. Part 2 touches on SEO, content, email social media and digital media effectiveness.

Cryptocurrency Codex

Name Product: Cryptocurrency Codex
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Price: $47

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Heres a short preview of what youre going to learn inside the Cryptocurrency Codex:

• The stupidly simple trick complete newbies used to generate a minimum return of 200% within 7 days with almost zero risk. Some students have reported up to 1000% returns!

• Discover up-and-coming exploding cryptocurrencies that will crush the stock market that are still available for pennies on the dollar. As long as one these hits then its possible to become a multi-millionaire… were going to give you an entire list!

• How to easily get free “seed money” to generate abnormal returns in the investment process.

• Discover underground shortcut methods that will get REAL TIME RESULTS from research and hard work put in by other investors so that youll be “piggy backing” money risk free!

• Learn how to easily crush your day job using small crypto investments that have made students their entire weeks paycheck starting with just $50!

• The one dirty trick to guarantee how to pick the best Crypto Exchange. Not all exchanges are born equal Ill point you to the five best, and the underground resource were using to get a constant stream of winners.

• Well reveal to you the 10 Commandments Of Crypto! Whenever we discover a method that has been making consistent returns of over 300-500% over 6 months, we make sure we keep track of this and write it down. Youll get access to these methods too!

• Discover the digital trading cryptobot were using right NOW to automate 80% of our profits and how you too can get access to it for such a low cost it might as well be free!

• How to literally “mine for crypto gold” yourself using nothing but your own home computer! Yes, in this new Gold Rush of the digital age you no longer need to put in the hard work and mine for gold yourself. Let us show you the stupidly simple setup that we personally use to generate tens of thousands of thousands of dollar a week using our home computers!

• Find out about “lesser known” cryptocurrencies that you need to know! The most profitable coins to mine or trade arent always the big coins like Bitcoin. Let us show you the lesser known coins that have the potential to make more than 5,000% ROI!

This is just a SHORT preview of what youll know after downloading Cryptocurrency Codex. Due to time limitations I can only show you less than 10% of what is offered inside this one of a kind course.

Now let me ask you a serious question.

And I need you to answer me truthfully here.

How much value would you place on a complete step-by-step system that has already allowed more than19,382 students in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand generate an average return rate of over 759% in just a few months?

Regardless of what financial situation you are in right now, how much debt youre in and how much money youre currently making.

What kind of value would you place on knowing the secret system that the 1% of the “smart money” use to generate staggering profits without IRS issues or government restrictions.

So that now you too will finally be able to exploit the system…

And never worry about having not enough money to pay another bill again.

So that youll finally have the time and money to enjoy life and live it to the fullest, without any budgeting restrictions.

Teeka Tiwari Palm Beach Confidential

Name Product: Teeka Tiwari Palm Beach Confidential
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Price: $297

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Why 2018 Will Be the Best
Year Yet for Cryptocurrencies
The Cryptocurrency Action Plan: Your Guide to Making a Fortune in 2018. Youll get the name of Teekas top pick. a full write-up on Teekas BITS System. and complete access to Teekas training videos.

“The Blockchain: Your “Backdoor” to Cryptocurrency Fortunes.” You may have heard about the blockchain the technology that makes cryptocurrencies possible.
Its one of the reasons so much money is flowing into the cryptocurrency market. All the big players are falling over themselves to invest in it.

And for good reason. the outfits leading the blockchain revolution are making investors rich.
One start-up belonging to this tiny sub-niche recently shot up as much as 1,905% in 10 days.

This guide gives you a full write-up on Teekas top three blockchain picks and training videos on how to invest in them.
They trade for as little as 50 cents. and could easily turn a few hundred dollars invested into thousands.
Youll get all the details in this special report.
Teekas putting the finishing touches on it, and well send it to you in the next few days.

12 issues of Palm Beach Confidential delivered on the third Thursday of every month, with full details on Teekas latest opportunity.
Bi-weekly video updates sent to you every other week, Teeka will keep you up to speed on whats happening with the picks in our model portfolio.

1,000% guarantee Teeka guarantees that his model portfolio will give you the chance to see 1,000% total gains, or youll get another year for free. All youd need to do is call our customer service team a year from now to get your free year.
$100 worth Bitcoin As a special gift for joining Teekas research service, youll get $100 of Bitcoin, delivered via email.

One more thing. If you sign up today, were also including another timely special report called “Make 8 Times Your Money on Gold.”

Can you tell us about that, Teeka?
Teeka: Yes. It might be odd, a cryptocurrency guy talking about gold. There are some things going on in the gold market that could cause the gold price to multiply. I recently came across a little-known investment opportunity I call a “gold multiplier.” When gold moves higher, historically, this kind of play has moved 1,960%. even 3,754%.

Now, with gold rebounding off its recent lows, nows a perfect time to get into this opportunity.

If gold hits $1,500, I believe you could make eight times your money.
If gold prices reach previous highs of 2011. near $1,900. you may be able to make even 10 times your money.

Bob: Excellent. Youll get all the details in this report, included free with your subscription.
Ok, just remember, you have very little time to access this wealth of resources.

Commission Drill

Name Product: Commission Drill
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Price: $12.9

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Heres what youll get inside Commission Drill:

How to get approved by ANY CPA network (I give you the exact answers you need to give to their questions)

Youll never again feel intimidated because youre a ‘newbie. Now youll be on the same level playing field with top marketers

How to select CPA offers that convert not just now, but are long term ‘evergreen offers

Who wants to put in extra hours of work for the same money? Let me show you offers that gain you commissions, month in, month out with no extra work….so you can spend your time on things you WANT to do

How to create your first YouTube ad campaign for absolutely FREE.

I get it. Youre sick of spending money on tactics that dont work, and you dont want to lose more money. So try my simple tactics for free with absolutely no financial risk!

How to easily create a ClickBank account and find offers with unbelievable conversions

Again, Ill show you how to find products that are evergreen. In other words, a true ‘set and forget autopilot machine, so you can spend time with your loved ones, not glued to a laptop screen.

The easy way to create a YouTube ad account so simple, even a child can master this
Who wants to spend time learning technical jargon? Not me, and I bet, not you. Ill show you how to be and running in 10 minutes.

How to create a YouTube Ads Empire 2 simple, fast and powerful ways to making money from YouTube Ads

You dont need to waste time learning everything there is to know about YouTube. Ill show you the only 2 routes youll ever need on YouTube.

How to target specific YouTube viewers

This is the ‘secret sauce. You can only have crazy-high conversions when you are able to laser target the exact audience who would love your offers. Let me show you how, so youll never waste a cent on traffic that doesnt want to buy.

How to create a high converting funnel, including a landing page, thank you page and integration with autoresponder

Yes, you dont have to do any of this as you can make lucrative commissions without building a list….but for those who really want to ramp up their earnings (and live that ‘IM Lifestyle, this is for you!

How to ‘marry up the most profitable offer with each YouTube video ad to explode profits

You no longer have to fear spending money on traffic and sending them to the ‘wrong offer. Use my technique, and get it right, every single time. No money wasted.No time wasted.

Watch over my shoulder and simply copy and paste how to set up your first high converting ad campaign

This isnt a dreary, never-ending course packed full of theory.You will see me create a campaign in real time, send the traffic to my chosen offers, and watch the cash roll in. Copy……paste…….rinse……repeat!


How to use other peoples YouTube video and turn them into your own Ad video……legally!

Yup, you can take somebody elses hard work and use it to create affiliate commissions…….in other words, zero work for you.

What else would you like to do with your time, instead of editing videos, formatting, and all that other boring technical stuff?

Stuart Turnbull Your Etsy Profit Machine Reloaded (2018 Update)

Name Product: Stuart Turnbull Your Etsy Profit Machine Reloaded (2018 Update)
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Price: $24.97

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In This Comprehensive Course Youll Learn…

How to EASILY find tons of profitable niches fast so you dont waste time listing things that wont sell, and also so you start making higher sales and higher profits sooner!

How to source hot high demand products from your computer for pennies and sell them for tens of dollars or even hundreds of dollars of PURE PROFIT!

How To Make Profits WITHOUT A Website and WITHOUT technical skills!

Secret “Instant Cash” Tips For Sourcing & Selling Digital Products On Etsy (NO shipping, Instant profits!)

Why Etsy Produces Higher Profits With Less Effort

How To Acquire Rare And Popular ORIGINAL Vintage Prints For As Little As A Dollar Or Two And Resell Them For $10-$35 Or More!

How To Create Or Acquire Your Own Exclusive “celebrity” Prints Free Or At Very Low
Cost For Resale 90%-100% Pure Profit (WITHOUT Violating Copyrights!)

How To Acquire Vintage Goods (Locally) For Additional ETSY Profits!

How To Write Irresistible Listings That Will Have People Clamouring To BUY From You!

How To Increase Peoples “Perceived Value” Of Your Products So You Can Get Higher Prices!

Youll ALSO Learn…

The Psychology Of Etsy Buyers & What makes Them BUY (This ALONE will put you ahead of 97% of Etsy sellers!)

How To Get BIGGER Sales, MULTIPLE Sales and REPEAT Sales

How To KNOW and PROVE An Etsy Niche Is Making Lots Of Money BEFORE You Invest Your Time & Effort Into It

How To Use ETSY “Tags” To Attract Buyers & Make Sure Your Listings Are Found By TONS Of Buyers!

Hot To EASILY Tap Into ETSYs On Site Social Functions To Get OTHER PEOPLE Recommending Your Items.

How To Tap Into The POWER Of Facebook to MAKE MORE ETSY CASH!

How To Create A Stunningly Beautiful FB Fan Page In Just 5 Minutes and how to get hundreds or even THOUSANDS of REAL fans FREE in just days!

What To Post On Your Fan Page & How To Make CASH From Your FB Posts!

How To Embed Your ETSY Store right onto your FB page FREE With NO TECHNICAL SKILLS!

How “Simple Creative Packaging” Can Bring You Even MORE Sales & Profits!

How To Use The Power Of Simple Email Marketing (Via Your Own Etsy Shop Newsletter) to EXPLODE Your sales and profits.

And Much More!

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