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Ramit Sethi Teach Yourself Anything

Name Product: Ramit Sethi Teach Yourself Anything
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Price: $379

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Discover how the worlds greatest learners get “good enough” at any skill in less than 30 days, even if.
Youre busy with work or family obligations

Youve struggled “sticking with it”

Even if you dont know what you want to learn yet!

If youve tried to pick up new skills in the past but got frustrated with the vague, messy process.

If youve taken classes that didnt measure up.or you didnt stick with it.

If youve struggled to find the time to practice.

Or if you want a new hobby and just dont know where to start.

Then Teach Yourself Anything will finally give you the precise, actionable system to explore and build any new skill into your everyday life without adding commitments to your already busy life.

(Well even give you a list of cool things to do this weekend.)

Im not going to ask you what youre trying to learn this year. Im going to ask you another question:

What did you learn last year?

What if youd learned 5 amazing new skills last year? Then this year, and next year.

Where would you be? What kind of life would you have?

Teach Yourself Anything gives you the master key for radically speeding up how you learn ANY skill.

Not only will you learn my favorite learning strategies, Ill introduce you to many of the experts who influenced how I approach learning.

In the course, youll learn.
The Magic of Being Good at a Lot of Things

30 Impressive Things You Can Learn Right Now

The 10,000 Hour Myth: Why You Can Pick Up Skills Much Faster Than You Think

The Effortless Expert: The Art of Learning Things In Your Spare Time

Whats Your Learning Personality?

One-Hour Learning: How to Pick Up New Skills Without Having to Go “All In”

How to Get Experts to Give You Advice For Free

Designing for Laziness: How to Make Practice So Easy You Could Do It Every Day

How to Never Feel Embarrassed When Practicing in Front of People: The Secret 3-Word Phrase

Learning Teardown: Ramit Learns to Cook

The Exact Process I Used to Become World Class at Copywriting

Finding the Hidden Patterns: How to Compress 100s of Concepts into 5

The Overnight Makeover: The Art of Getting Brutally Honest Feedback

Learning “Sprints”: How to Get Better 3X Faster

The Drinking Game Technique: How to Make Practice Fun

Foundr Influencer Magnet

Name Product: Foundr Influencer Magnet
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Price: $479

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A step-by-step online course that will take you through the whole process from identifying the right influencers, crafting the perfect pitch that actually gets you a response, all the way to building a relationship with that person.

So if youve ever wanted to connect with an influencer, and youre tired of receiving rejection after rejection.

What Makes influencer magnet worth my money?
REAL ACTION PLANS GET STARTED FAST: Tells you exactly what to do, without the fluff. Everything broken down into chunks and explained step-by-step so its easy to follow.

PROVEN RESULTS: Many courses are created by “educators” who havent achieved success themselves. This is different because weve put this to the test ourselves and have seen nothing but success. Whether its asking for an interview, personal mentorship, or pitching journalists and editors. We know this works because we do it every day.

ACTIONABLE WORKBOOKS AND TEMPLATES: Get exclusive access to the exact templates we use to pitch A-listers and influencers. Along with comprehensive workbooks designed to help you take immediate action.

YOULL NEVER SEE THIS DEAL AGAIN: This offer is limited to this week only and once its gone youll never be able to access this course again. We have no idea when, or if, itll ever ben open to the public again. But you can be sure youll never see such a low price ever again.








Your “net worth is your network” or so they say. As an entrepreneur the connections you have are as good as gold. Your network can open up new opportunities, help you open doors, and building a strong network can be one of the most powerful things you can do as an entrepreneur.


Whether you have a podcast, a magazine, a web-series, or just a blog, landing high-profile guests is a guaranteed way to take your brand to the next level. Immediately boost your own credibility and reputation by featuring your name and an A-listers side by side.


Traditional advertising is dead. Want to find new customers, better leads, and increase your revenue? Then you need to tap into the power of influencer marketing. Remember that 92% of people trust peer recommendations over anything else, if youre not tapping into that, then youre leaving money on the floor.

Julien Blanc Transformation Mastery Update 6 Month Course

Name Product: Julien Blanc Transformation Mastery (Update 6 Month Course)
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Price: $1997

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Over 33 videos of HIGH QUALITY CONTENT
.going DEEP into self-actualization, the subconscious mind,
and true transformation within.
Not to mention,

After this, there is NO GOING BACK
Its time for you to become the person you were meant to be,
and live a life of your own design.

Transformation Mastery is A CUTTING-EDGE CURRICULUM Designed to Make You
Happy, Fit, Healthy, and Get You More Love, Sex and Success than Ever Before.

Transformation Mastery is the FIRST EVER step-by-step guide to pulling yourself out
of the black hole of self-doubt, and reaching a PERMANENT TRANSFORMATION WITHIN.

Transformation Mastery is a LETHALLY EFFECTIVE DOSE
of personal change STRAIGHT TO YOUR HEART!

.anytime, anywhere, at your own pace, right from your computer.
The Core Concepts Inside TRANSFORMATION
Julien Blanc Transformation Mastery (Update 6 Month Course)

With each section, we are going to go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of the subconscious, uncovering hidden truths and new meanings that have long been suppressed.

We are going to be waking you up from the nonsense, internalizing a NEW PARADIGM,
and exploring deep into your subconscious in order to make this a
PERMANENT CHANGE that will last with you for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Become A Learning Machine: How To Read 300 Books This Year

Name Product: Become A Learning Machine: How To Read 300 Books This Year
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Secrets From Elon Musk, Bill Gates and 22 Other Radically Successful People To Read Almost A Full Book A Day
In this course, Ill show you the entire, step-by-step blueprint Ill use to read over 300 books this year.
Because reading isnt just something you should do its a must if you want to live your dreams.

Its no wonder Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, Will Smith and many more of the worlds most radically successful people read more in a month than most people do in a decade.

In this course, Ill help you become a learning machine as well.
Ill show you how to pick the right books, and how to get through them as quickly as possible so you can take what you learn to get real results in your life.
If you want to read more fiction books, this course isnt for you. This also isnt a course just on speed reading because I prefer reading the right things than reading the wrong things quickly.
All I care about is reading a book or two a day and using what I learn to make my life better. If you want to do the same, this course can change your life (I know because many of the students of the course have told me exactly that!)

Heres a sample of what youll learn inside:
1. The ONE change you need to make to change how you read forever [Lecture 5]
2. Why everything you learned in school stops you from reading more than 20 books a year (and what to do about it) [Lecture 2]
3. A not so obvious, hidden benefit of reading that will make you want to read every, single day [Lecture 3]
4. Where NEVER to read [Lecture 28]
5. A little known trick that can INSTANTLY double your reading speed [Lecture 16]
6. The Double Time Solution: A Simple thing you can do to read twice as many books without spending ANY extra time [Lecture 22]
7. How to make sure you read all the time [Lecture 9]
8. Do you do THIS after you read? If not, all that time reading could be a total waste [Lecture 17]
9. How to use what you learn from books to make more money (or get anything else you want) [Lecture 4]
10. 3 simple ways to read any book quickly (HINT: none of them are what we call traditional reading) [Lecture 14]
11. What to do as soon as you open the book…and why it can save you hours [Lecture 13]
12.How to take notes on a book so you can review it even years later in 20 minutes or less [Lecture 18]
13. Why dividing all your reading into two specific categories can make you more successful [Lecture 23]
14. What books to NEVER read [Lecture 11]
15. How to read even the most technical books in a day the ones that used to take months to read [Lecture 26]
16. The 3 types of books you NEED to read [Lecture 12]
17. How to permanently memorize everything you read [Lecture 20]
18. What I learned from a Roman philosopher from 2,000 years ago to organize my bookshelf [Lecture 32]
19. The 300 Book Excel Sheet: Use this excel sheet to perfectly organize the hundreds of books youll read this year [Lecture 10]
20. Do you buy your books on Amazon? Heres how to save over 100 this year [Lecture 33]
21. Elon Musk: What he can teach you about learning anything without a college degree [Lecture 45]
And much, much more…

Youll also get access to 5 bonus sections on even more reading tricks, how to find mentors, achieving your dreams and making the most of your time. Ive also included a free bonus resource where Ill share with you the life-changing ideas from the best books I read in real time.
So to become a learning machine and read more books than you ever thought possible, just click the take this course button because every day you delay is an extra book you could have read.
To your success,

Freshers Guide Software Jobs, Skills, Job Profiles

Name Product: Freshers Guide Software Jobs, Skills, Job Profiles
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Price: $179

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Course also covers different job roles like computer programmer, Web Developer , Mobile Application Developer, Database Developers, DevOps Engineer, Technical Architect, Database Modular, Database Analyst etc.. roles their responsibilities and how to prepare for that.

As a Fresher/Experienced Software Person : Many people always confused to understand “What is What” from 100s of Technologies in the Industry and they dont have anyone to explain all of these skills. Many times training/coaching classes are misguide you to sell what they have and not what you should get.

Here in this course you get Overall Software Technology/Development insight.

As a fresher we always seek for information which may not available radially & Together like What is Hot Skills in industry right now ? What kind of jobs available in market ? what are Job Roles and their Responsibilities ? Is there anything I can do as freelancer ?

This Course will help you to Do “Self Study” of yourself and come up right judgement on : What is good for you Is that JAVA or Python? Database -PLSQL Programming or Database Administrator or Systems Administrator, Big Data or Cloud?, Graphic Designer or Web Designer? Tester or Developer ? Android or iPhone Developer? etc etc etc …..

Some Other Questions answered here in course are

What is Big Data, Hadoop, Spark… ?
What is Cloud ? How they work ?
What is DevOps means and if hat fits in my career?
What is the Role of Architect in Software Development ?
What does really Database Programmer do.?
Will I be Manager or Architect in my career after few years ?
What is Agile vs SDLC ?
What is Production Support/ Operations Work ?
What is ERP , Web , Mobile Apps etc etc How they work all together ?
I am Business partner for IT Who will explain me what Business Intelligence, How does it work ?
Also if you are Non-IT Managers or Business Stakeholders and wants to understand IT in nutshell switch in IT Project or Support them effectively?


I have tried to draw BIG picture of Current IT technologies so that it is very easy for your to pick what you want to do next.

Differentiation and Integration made easy

Name Product: Differentiation and Integration made easy
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Price: $20

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Learn the applications and techniques of differentiation and integration today through short and to the point lectures!
This course will cover the following concepts

The applications of Differentiation and Integration
Basic Differentiation
Product Rule
Quotient Rule

Basic Integration
Differentiating trigonometric functions
Differentiating exponential functions
Difference between definitive and indefinite integrals
Area under the curve
The constant rule
Integration by Substitution
Integrating trigonometric functions
Differentiating exponential functions

NOTE: This course only covers the basics of differentiation and integration and does NOT cover concepts like integration by parts, limits, integration using ln functions or partial fractions.

Finance and Accounting Tips Weekly

Name Product: Finance and Accounting Tips Weekly
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Price: $29.99

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Are you curious about the financial details of big companies like Walmart and Boeing, but shy away from further investigation because you dont consider yourself a numbers person? In this weekly series, accounting professors Jim and Kay Stice-who have been exploring financial information for a combined 60 years-break down essential accounting and finance concepts into manageable, bite-sized chunks.

They help you understand the balance sheet, debits and credits, company operating cycles, and more. In addition, they explain where to find accounting information in the real world, and what to do with it once you have it. Tune in every Monday for a new tip.

Management Tips Weekly

Name Product: Management Tips Weekly
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Price: $29.99

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In this weekly series, Todd Dewett, PhD, shares the tips respected and motivated managers use to improve rapport, navigate tricky situations, build better relationships, and drive the business forward.

Each week, well release two tips ranging from avoiding the dreaded micromanagement to managing a multigenerational workforce, cultivating better listening skills, and developing an understanding of your organizations politics. Check back every Wednesday for more Management Tips.

Facebook for Intermediate Advertisers Jon Loomer


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Name Product: Facebook for Intermediate Advertisers Jon Loomer

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Price: $497


This is a 4-week training program for intermediate Facebook advertisers who are looking to move beyond the basics and begin to master more advanced techniques.

Most advertisers struggle once they move beyond the basics of boosting posts and creating simple ads.

In order to advance, they need to utilize more advanced targeting techniques as well as have a better understanding of results and how to optimize based on those results.

This 4-week program consists of the following four 60-minute webinars:

Website Custom Audiences: Target Visitors
Advanced Targeting Techniques
Facebook Ad Reports: Analyzing Results
Canvas: Create an Interactive Experience

Each webinar will be live (recordings will be made available), and include a presentation, Q&A and assignment to hold you accountable.

The intermediate program also includes all replays from the 4-week program for beginners. The topics for those recordings are as follows:

Audience Insights: Finding Your Audience
Email Custom Audiences: Find Your Customers
Lookalike Audiences: Find Similar People
An Introduction to Power Editor

Each webinar occurs on Tuesdays at 5pm EDT (recordings will be made available).

The next available program runs during the following dates:

January 3
January 10
January 17
January 24

Anton Kraly Membership Site Masters

Name Product: Anton Kraly Membership Site Masters
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Price: $130

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Heres What Youll Get With Membership Site Masters

Our Premium Training:
Lifetime Access To The Membership Site Masters Blueprint

Module 1: Information Product Foundations

Module 2: Market Research

Module 3: Telling Your Story

Module 4: Creating Your Product

Module 5: Building Your Tech Stack

Module 6: Generating Traffic

Also Includes Access To:
1-on-1 Niche Consultation

Kraken Marketing Suite

Product Page Templates

Membership WordPress Theme

Private Mastermind Group

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