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Andre Chaperon Email Marketing Intensive + Autoresponder Madness 3.0

Name Product: Andre Chaperon Email Marketing Intensive + Autoresponder Madness 3.0
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Price: $197

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Discover How To Double Your Sales Using Email, In 8 Weeks Or Less

My unique email marketing system is used by the most wildly successful marketers on the planet, including Ryan Deiss, Jeff Walker, Rich Schefren and Mindvalleys Vishen Lakhiani.

I Will Personally Help You To Create A Money-Making Autoresponder Email Sequence, Which Will Generate Profits For You While You Sleep!

I can show you exactly how to make more sales, and youll learn how to quickly squeeze massive profits out of tiny lists. Youll gain more customers and fans with every week that passes.

Youll also discover how to send emails so captivating (and persuasive) your prospects will contact you if they miss one, begging you to resend it.

Plus, youll discover advanced techniques thatll wrench money from your prospects. This will help propel you on affiliate leader-boards even if your list is a fraction the size of your competition.

In short: Ill show you precisely how to create emails that sell better than anything else I know.

In fact
These Emails Are A Shortcut To Online Success, And Have Contributed to At Least 100 Million + In Sales In The Last Year Alone!
The Biggest Gurus In Online Marketing Use MY Unique Email System To Make Multi-Millions!

My customer list reads like a real Whos Who of online marketing.
Email legends like Ryan Deiss, Kevin Nations, Mindvalleys Vishen Lakhiani, Perry Belcher, Justin Brooke, AJ Silvers, Brian Moran and Dr Harlan Kilstein use and stand behind my trademark Autoresponder Madness system.

Even Jeff Walker and Rich Schefren are customers of mine.
(And thats just a few big names off the top of my head.)
Its awesome these guys use my unique email system to generate more subscribers, fans and customers. And of course make more money.

Because my approach works.
It helps you make more sales with less effort.
All whilst providing massive goodwill to your list.
And like I said, I have zero special abilities.

If I can do this, believe me, so can you.
Heres Exactly What Youre Getting
Heres an overview of what youll be discovering over the next 8 weeks, when you join me for The Email Marketing Intensive workshop. This will give you a clear idea of what to expect (and get you excited about how wildly profitable this will be for your business)

First, the format of the workshop:
Youre getting 8 weeks of live (yes, its really live!) training hosted by me.
Every week youll master a key area of email marketing. Youll find all the specific details below, but Ill say this up front: consider this workshop the fast-track to becoming an email master (and enjoying the profits, lifetime customers and prestige that come with it.)

There will be a live Q&A with me at the end of every session.
Ill literally stay on the call until ALL your questions are answered, so youll be crystal clear on how to apply what youve learned in your business. This is invaluable the last time I gave a group this much 1-on-1 attention, it cost them 7,500 for an hour on my hot seat. (Youre getting this at no extra charge)
Every week youll get a small assignment.

This will range from researching the perfect hook for your market to writing a couple of emails for me to review. Dont worry the homework is bite-sized (so it wont take much of your time), but its crucial to your success that you do it. Its THIS that will ensure your success so dont register unless youre cool with putting in a bit of graft.
By the end of the 8 weeks, you will have a well-researched, powerful, valuable and money-making SOS Autoresponder Sequence ready to mail to your list.

You can literally plug this in and expect to start making sales as you sleep, relax, play golf or whatever it is you like to do. (Not to mention the fact that you can reuse this skill again and again for the rest of your life helping you profit in almost any business you can imagine.)

Ill also help you to create a Product Launch Sequence (PLS).

This is a short (around 3-4) series of emails designed to help you profit when promoting an affiliate product or launch. This is the exact same strategy countless marketers have used to reach the 1 spot on affiliate competitions, despite having tiny email lists. My intention is for you to send out a PLS during the workshop, and make back at a very minimum your entire investment for the workshop. (And naturally you can use this PLS strategy month after month, year after year, and youll continue profiting long after this workshop ends.)
Youre also getting my Seven Figure Email Swipe File
You cant copy and paste these mails, but youre bound to find inspiration in them. These mails are written by me and some of my best students in a number of different industries so you dont have to reinvent the wheel. (These swipes will be priceless to you, because theyll save you from needing to be creative or a good writer. Repurpose them at will.)
Also this is your ONLY chance to get your email copy personally reviewed by me, Andre Chaperon, the creator of Autoresponder Madness.

Every week Ill select students copy to critique, edit and improve so you can send me your emails, and Ill help make them more valuable (and profitable!) This is the fastest way to start sending out killer emails which wow and help your audience, and stack the cash as well.

Attend all the classes and submit your homework, and youll be awarded with a Certification of Complention.
This achievement will not only impress your peers, but help you stand out on freelance jobs and separate you from the herd. (You can imagine the kind of profits youll generate with this level of skill going forwards)

Last but not least you will be invited to join an exclusive and private community of Certified Email Marketers for one entire year.

You will network with and learn from the smartest (and most successful) email marketers on the planet. Imagine: every day you check in with the community, pose questions, ask for advice, get feedback and improve your email game in every way. Youll learn how to make more money & provide more value plus be surrounded by positive, like-minded entrepreneurs part of a thriving community with the best email marketers on the planet.

Seth Godin The Marketing Seminar

Name Product: Seth Godin The Marketing Seminar
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Price: $379

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The Marketing Seminar
It all starts with the right posture

Marketing doesnt have to mean shouting, scamming, and being manipulative. By learning the techniques proven to work in the modern world, you can do marketing that youre proud of…because its ethical, generous, and effective. With these skills, you can stand tall as a smart, modern marketer.

The Marketing Seminar teaches you something you didnt think you needed to learn, but then, quite suddenly, youll wonder how you got along without it. It helps you see whats possible, connects you with others going in the same direction, and gives you the foundation to do the work youve always wanted to do.

You can do marketing you are proud of

This 100-day seminar will teach you, inspire you and connect you to peers who will help you bring your work to a larger and more receptive audience. Youll discover that you dont have to hate the marketing you do. In as little as 20 minutes a day, you can learn to make a bigger impact.

With videos, personalized exercises and discussion, the Seminar takes 50100 hours to complete. Try it for 10 days, we have a risk-free 100% money-back guarantee..


More than 50 videos, including case studies and Q&A
200+ questions to guide and challenge your thinking about your current work
Exclusive supplemental materials for download
24/7 discussion board for personal feedback
Peer network for discussion and team learning
Long-term accesswell keep everything up for months and months after the Seminar ends
Access to mobile and desktop
The Marketing Seminar

Automated List Academy System by Anik Singal

Name Product: Automated List Academy System by Anik Singal
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Price: $417

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Anik Let Me In! Im Ready To Learn How To Increase Email Marketing Profits By Up To 300% By Using a Simple Formula My 6-Step Email Marketing System for AUTOMATED, MASSIVE Profits:

Aniks Open Vault My 10-Year Experience = Your 7-Day Success $2,997 VALUE 5 Full Modules walks you through ALL of my Proven Email Marketing Experience. I hold nothing back! Learn my cant-miss secrets and strategies from my MULTIMILLION DOLLAR Promotions. Steal my shortcuts, copy my email strategy, then just apply to your own business. You can learn in just 7 DAYS what took me a full DECADE!

List Building Master Class 6-Week Tele-Class on How to Build a Huge List FAST $997 VALUE
Dont have an impressive email list? No problem! In just 6 weeks. YOU WILL! In this hold-nothing-back Master Class Program, youll learn everything you need to grow a high-converting list to hundreds, thousands even TENS of THOUSANDS!

Mega Conversion Corner My WINNING Templates, Models, Emails, & Subject Lines $1,997 VALUE
High conversions, high commissions dont just happen It takes the right templates, models and emails. I hand you my absolute favorite and MOST PROFITABLE Emails, Subject Lines, Templates and Models. Gain an advantage nobody else has that will SKYROCKET your business. Simply copy, paste, DONE.

Active Expert Community Share & Review Your Emails and Marketing Strategies $997 VALUE
Youre NOT alone! Youll have an entire team of EXPERT Email Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Writers, Designers. EVERYBODY you need to grow your business. Share your ideas. ask them to review your emails. get valuable feedback instantly!

Expert Think Tank & Test Bank First Class Ticket to Aniks NEW Strategies and Secrets $1,497 VALUE
Im ALWAYS testing! My email strategy, my writing, my videos. EVERYTHING. In fact, doing this launch, I learned LOTS of ways to get MORE signups, MORE leads, and MORE profits! Every month, you get an update of whats NEW in my Test Bank. Always be on the bleeding edge of what works best!

Event-Based Marketing Mastery How to Crush Promotions, Deepen Relationships & Build Amazing Value $1997 VALUE
There might be a few out there with bigger lists. but nobody has a BETTER, more responsive, more appreciative and more dedicated list. NOBODY! Why? Because of my Event-Based Marketing approach! I share it ALL with you so you too can create a FANATICAL list!

BONUS :1 Aniks Traffic Academy My Favorite 4 Traffic Sources for Laser Fast List Building $997 VALUE
BONUS :2 Cheat Sheet Flow Charts Works for All Types of Promotions $497 VALUE
BONUS :3″Affiliate Insider” Launch Bank $497 VALUE
BONUS :4 The Bonus Sales Tripler The #1 Way to 3X Commissions! $997 VALUE
BONUS :5 Done-For-You Email Templates 100 Copy & Paste Emails in RED HOT Niches! $1,997 VALUE

The Google Time Machine Intensive by Roger and Barry

Name Product: The Google Time Machine Intensive by Roger and Barry
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Price: $697

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Yes, Barry, Roger, and Chris.
I cant wait to start driving huge BUYERS traffic to products youre going to show me what to sell! I know this is so much easier than Facebook with zero need to use creative marketing. Im ready for this!

Heres what youll get inside
The Google Time Machine Intensive
Google Time Machine Intensive Training ($1,997 Value)
Zoom Aftercare Sessions and Hot Seats ($497 Value)
Google Time Machine Software ($2,997 Value)
Shopify Zero to Hero Training From $10,000 Mastermind ($1,997 Value)
Chris Presentation at NY Bootcamp ($2,000 Value)
The Google Time Machine Intensive Course

Amazon FBA: From No-Experience to Sending Your First Shipment to Amazon

Name Product: Amazon FBA: From No-Experience to Sending Your First Shipment to Amazon
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Price: $99

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Fulfillment by Amazon (Amazon FBA) allows you to store your products in Amazons fulfillment centers, while they pack, ship, and provide customer service for those products.

Its a simple, and extremely effective method to start generating an income from the internet. In this course, youll learn how to optimize this service to make money and become financially independent.

Access 24 lectures & 3 hours of content 24/7
Learn Amazon FBA by completing tasks as you go along
Choose a profitable product, import it from China, & send it to Amazon FBA
Understand how to generate an income using Amazon FBA

Course Outline
Module 1: Course Introduction
Module 2: Mini-Goal 1: Choose Your First Product (4 Tasks)
Module 3: Mini-Goal 2: Prepare An Amazon FBA Account (2 Tasks)
Module 4: Mini-Goal 3: Order A Product Sample (4 Tasks)
Module 5: Mini-Goal 4: Create An Amazon FBA Listing (4 Tasks)
Module 6: Mini-Goal 5: Send Your Product to Amazon FBA (2 Action Steps)
Module 7: Course Conclusion
Bonus Videos

Dan Dasilva The Complete Social Marketing Mastery

Name Product: Dan Dasilva The Complete Social Marketing Mastery
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Price: $997

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Dan, Let Me In NOW I Am Ready To Start With Social Marketing Mastery!

The Complete Social Marketing Mastery System:
Build 100% compliant FaceBook Ad Campaigns thart generate INSANE ROIs
Properly structure campaigns that generate leads and sales every day!
Build an entire business that YOU can control with a 3 clicks of your mouse
Finally learn how to PROPERLY create FB Ads That GET YOU RESULTS!

Instant Access to Social Marketing Mastery
The Worlds BEST FB Ads system is finally here and ready for you to take full advantage of. Step by step video training with over 40+ hours of case studies, hand holding tutorials and coaches to walk you through EVERYTHING!

BONUS 1: 6 Figure Ad Creation Checklist
Finally, you will have access to a checklist that will walk you through in step by step format on HOW TO properly create successful campaigns. We are going to give you the exact checklist to effectively launch your FB ad campaigns with ease that generate THOUSANDS effortlessly.

BONUS 2: 15 Personal High Converting FB Ads And Ad Copy
Now you can finally carbon copy whats working and let us handle all the hard work for you. Imagine being able to upload PROVEN to covnert ads with minor tweaks to fit your business! We give you the ability to do so!

BONUS 3: Targeting Shortcuts Secret Cheat Sheet
You will have access to an entire CHEAT SHEET that walks you though ALL targeting options inside of FaceBook to allow you to SEE ALL targeting options before you create your campaigns. Only for SMM members (SUPER IMPORTANT YOU HAVE THAT BEFORE CREATING YOUR CAMPAIGNS).

BONUS 4: Private Live Chat Community
Your secret weapin to creating high converting campaigns from the start is here! Join a community of people who are in the KNOW of whats working NOW with ads and will allow you to have the upper hand over your competition and a head start with your campaigns when new features are rolled out!

BONUS 5: Monthly Mentoring Sessions
We want to make sure you are NEVER left behind and you are ALWAYS up to date with whats working now. You will have 2 monthly training calls with whats working now on FaceBook ads with our lead SMM coaches and outside FB ad experts.

Dan is going to be building out an ENTIRE new brand in the physical product space. You are going to be able to watch as he builds it out into a 7 figure empire with EASE! You will be invited to watch the entire process inf you are a founding SMM member (Only 32 slots left)!

iStack Facebook Mastery Live Asia Replay 2017

Name Product: iStack Facebook Mastery Live Asia Replay 2017
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Price: $479

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Relive the Ultimate Training Event for Facebook Ad Buyers
Learn The FB Ads Tactics Behind Over $100 Million In Revenue

Facebook Mastery Live (FBML) is a world-class, advanced level Facebook training opportunity from iStack Training and Adbaker held in Bangkok on December 8th, 2017.
FBML features ten incredibly valuable talks from the worlds most successful Facebook Ad Buyers covering ecommerce, affiliate lead gen and CPS, as well as performance agency.
In these presentations and panels, our experts teach high-level, white-hat Facebook performance marketing strategies and tactics that will give students an immediate competitive edge as they grow their FB Ads powered business.
These are the best discussions happening around Facebook Ads today. Whether youre a newbie or a seasoned pro, Facebook Mastery Live will provide unique insights, exploits, and tactics you wont learn about anywhere else. The results you witness will inform and inspire you to maximize your earning potential by harnessing the greatest advertising tool ever created.
Facebook Mastery Live Asia Replay

On December 8, in Bangkok, the worlds top Facebook media buyers and entrepreneurs took the stage to give away the exact tactics and strategies that have propelled their businesses into 8 figures and beyond.

Own access to 10 insanely valuable training sessions, that will reveal insights that change the way you think about strategizing, creating, optimizing and scaling Facebook Ads based business.

Facebook Mastery Live is ideal for anyone who wants to unlock Facebook Ads unbelievable power for driving commerce and profit.
10 Value Packed Sessions on the Secrets FB Ads
Over 5 hours of directly applicable FB Ads Training
3 Bonus Talks from FBML Europe and AWA
Presenter Slides
Ongoing Access to All Content

Meet Our Presenters
Multiple 7 Figure Exits and Killing it in the FB Performance Agency Game
Discover the Facebook Tactics Tim Only Shares at his Private Masterminds

Tim Burd
8 Figure Ecommerce General Stores Powered by FB Ads
Learn How the Tan Bros Scale Ecommerce Operations to Unrivalled Heights

Steve and Evan Tan
Spends $40K a Day on FB Ads for Lead Gen and Ecommerce
Learn, Line by Line, the Exact Methodology James Uses to Scale Facebook Ads Campaigns

James Van Elswyk
Runs Several High 7 Figure Ecommerce Stores, Named Shopifys Fastest Rising Entrepreneur
Discover Mos Stripped Down Approach to Making Massive Profit Quickly and Simply

Mohamed Ali Aguel
Scaled His FB Customer Acquisition Company ZERO-$68MM in 3 Years
Learn Jasons Secret Weapons and Advanced Policy Intel for Massive Growth on FB Ads

Jayson Kryski
Built a High 7 Figure Performance Marketing Agency
Discover the Tactics that brought in Porsche, Kingston Technologies, and Bodystreet as Clients

Patrick Dermak
Hit His First 6 Figure CPS Campaign 30 Days into Starting His Agency and Hasnt Looked Back
Learn Pauls Leading Edge Strategies for Ad Spying, Creative, Optimization and Lots More

Paul Jeyapal
Built a Global Ecommerce Empire with Hundreds of Employees
Discover Bruces Big Picture Strategies and Concepts That Have Allowed Him to Scale DFO Across the Globe

Bruce Cran
Built a 7 Figure Training Business in Less than a Year
Discover Erics Talent for Bringing Out The Most Valuable Panel Discussions for FB Advertisers
Eric Dyck

What Facebook Ads Skills Will I Master?
Scaling Ecommerce on FB Ads
Scaling Lead Gen on FB Ads
FB Ad Creative Strategies
FB Ad Bidding Strategies
FB Ad Measurement Techniques
Ecommerce Product Selection
Advanced FB Policy
Advanced Ad Spying
FB Product Funnels
What is Estimated CPC and Why You Should Care
Emoji Magic Sorcery
+ Many More Amazing and 100% Exclusive Knowledge Bombs

Private Label Classroom by Scott Voelker

Name Product: Private Label Classroom by Scott Voelker
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Price: $479

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Are You Ready To Join The Private Label Classroom?
Take a stroll through the PL Classroom in the video below!

62 Video Lessons + Worksheets
Step by step video lessons and worksheets walking you through the exact process of how to Find & Launch Products that SELL!

Our AMAZING PL Class Community
The private PL Classroom Facebook community is committed to supporting and guiding each other on our Amazon FBA journey. Its like a 24/7 support center, mastermind family, and feedback frenzy all rolled up in one!

Monthly Class Q & A Hangouts
You receive instant access to all the past recordings so you can learn from past students. Plus, you are invited to join us on all upcoming Hangouts where you can ask you own personal questions.

Unlimited Access To The Class
As one of our students you will have access to the class and all future content and Q & A Hangouts!

Module 1
The Research Phase

Module 2
The Sourcing Phase

Module 3
The Pre-Launch Phase

Module 4
The Launch Phase

Module 5
The Promotion Phase

James Beattie Business Builder Live

Name Product: James Beattie Business Builder Live
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Price: $997

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Building A Six Figure Business From Scratch. LIVE!

Who am I and what do I do?
I am James Beattie a 20 year old entrepreneur who loves building businesses.
I actually do this stuff and over the next 90 days I want to take you on a journey where you can build your business along side me. Its great having all these gurus teach you stuff but do they actually do it? A lot of them dont. Over the past year I have built multiple 6 + 7 Figure businesses.

I am a no fluff, no bullshit type of guy who wants to get you results. Look ive been in the position where ive struggled. I have started a lot of businesses which have flopped but I didnt give up. I persevered, I stuck it out and it paid off! Unlike some people Im not going to make you crazy promises that your going to be able to do no work and make millions.

Thats not how it works. I know the process of building a successful ecommerce store and it doesnt happen over night. It takes time and effort. maybe you have tested a couple of products for a week and didnt get results? Well heres the thing so have I. That shit happens, its normal. Its how you take the data that you got and use it to make your next move.
Thats why over the next 90 days I am going to live stream me building a brand new niche ecommerce store. Im going to build it completely from scratch while you watch over my shoulder. A select few people are going to be able to join me on this journey and build their business from the ground up in 90 days!

Its going to be a complete behind the scenes look at what it takes day in day out to do this and make it work for you. Nothing will be left out. Its totally uncut and if your lucky enough to grab a spot you will be able to ask me questions live as im working on this.
What youre going to experience over the next 90 days.

Ill be taking you on the full journey. Im going to work at least 7 hours per week on this specific store. I want to replicate the process most of you guys are going through. Most of you guys have a 9 to 5, kids other obligations. Ive been there I used to do it too.

Working 10 hours a day on your business just isnt realistic for a lot of people. Thats why I wanted to limit my time spent on the business and also start with a small budget to make it as close to your experience as possible.

The Store
I will be holding nothing back. You will know the store, the niche and the products. I will be taking you through the whole building and optimisation process as 90 days goes on.
You will be able to watch me build out ads from scratch. Do the research into the niche. Scale and optimise campaigns. Get inside my head and pick my brain about why I am making the adjustments that I do.

The Ads
The Community
For this store their will be a huge focus on building out a community. No one really talks about this. I will be showing you how I will be building a thriving group of fans that believe in the message of our company.
One of the big goals of this company is to implement a subscription based model where we have continuity in the business. This will eventually allow us to sell the company for a lot more on exit.

The People
You will be joining a group of like minded entrepreneurs who are doing this stuff too. Discuss strategy share results and grow your network. After all you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Spend it with people who have similar goals in mind.

The Miller System Program by Jim Miller

Name Product: The Miller System Program by Jim Miller
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Price: $997

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Heres Some Of Whats Included In The Miller System Program
Follow along with Jim as he transforms you into a Closing Coach in just 7 weeks. It doesnt matter where you start from, this program will give you everything you need to close 7 figures in your coaching / consulting business with ONE simple call.

Step-By-Step & Easy To Follow
This system has been created for you to follow along and learn, enabling you to easily assimilate and the information and begin implementing immediately.

In-Depth Video Lessons With Jim
Every video is focused and to-the-point where Jim will share everything hes learned about closing and persuading coaching & consulting clients over his 25 year career.

The Exact Path To 7 Figures (And Beyond)
Get everything you need to know about closing clients to create a 5 7 figure business. It doesnt matter where you are right now, this methodology will take you to the next level.

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