Future Insights LIVE! 2015

Future Insights LIVE! 2015
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Future Insights Live is THE event for web professionals who want to be at the top of their game, and engage in pushing the web forward. With a day of intensive workshops plus 3 days of inspirational sessions, #FILIVE is the place to take your skills to the next level and meet like-minded individuals ready to make the web awesome together.

Keynote: The Browser is Dead, Long Live the Web!
Designing the Experience Continuum: Typography in the Age of the Connected Everything
Design Decisions Through the Lens of Performance
Keynote Partner Session: So You Want To Build An API
How to Design with Science
Rising Star: The Science Behind Modular Design Thinking
Design the Code, Not Pixel-Perfect Comps
Keynote: Back To Your Future
Small Screen Navigation
Use SVG to Bring the Web to Life
Responsive Color
Rising Star: Discover Meteor
Using Web Components Today with Polymer
Optimizing for Change
Configuration Management with Puppet for Developers
Building Your Own Real-time API
Rising Star: Implementing a CSS Testing Framework
Performance Testing Crash Course
Panel session: Privacy
Keynote: Let’s Build the Physical Web Together
Decision Fatigue and Design
Design For Users, Not Yourself: UX Lessons My Mom Taught Me
Keynote Partner Session: The Personality Awakens
How To Mentor Someone Without Ruining Their Career
Innovation Gaming: Perfecting Your Brainstorming Technique for Killer Products and Features
Users In The Mist: Stories from Field Studies
Rising Star: Successfully Wrangling Remote Teams
How to Keep Calm and Ship It
3 Ways to Make APIs Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Rising Star: Making Node Modules Simple, Safe, and Self-Evident with Machines
Building Your API Utility Belt
Developing Design Systems: Patterns, Prototypes, and People
Ember.js 2.0: Work Smarter, Not Harder
Future-Proofing Web Apps
Rising Star: Front End Development – Beyond Just Javascript!
Sass Map Magic
Keynote – The Future of the Web
Souls & Machines: Designing The Future of Content
Design for Sensors, Not Screens
Translation and Accessibility in One Blow
Rising Star: Smart First, Phones Later – Taking Responsive a Step Further
Design for a 24-Hour Experience
Keynote – How To Be A Great Co-Worker
Rising Star: In Defense of Product Documentation
Privacy is a UX Problem
How to Price Your Work: Real Ways to Create Great Work Without Losing Your Shirt (and Soul)
The 11 APIs Every Developer Needs to Know
Rising Star: Modules in the Browser: Finally
Is Your API Misbehaving?
Hardware for the Soft World
Microcontrollers For Web Developers
Let’s Talk About Images!
Rising Star: Frameworkless Front-End
React & Radium: Computed Styles, the Death of CSS, and the Future of Interactive Data Visualization
Context Aware Front-End
CSS Audits: Take Back Control of your CSS
Keynote – Tall Tales from a Large Man
Responsive Content Modeling
Rising Star: Design for Living
Style Guides: For Clients, for Products, and For Yourself
Keynote Partner Session: The Personality Awakens

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