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Keynote 6 Essential Training

Product Name: Keynote 6 Essential Training
Sale Page: _https://www.lynda.com/Page-Layout-tutorials/Charts-diagrams/440957/496358-4.html

Price: $99

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Keynote 6 Essential Training

At some point in our lives, we all have to make a presentation. Keynote is a popular choice. Though its streamlined and easy to use (like a lot of Apple products), we could all use a hand building our first Keynote slideshow. In this course, David Rivers teaches how to use Keynote to its full potential, and create presentations that both entertain and inform.

Learn how to choose slide layouts; add text, images, audio and video, animation, and eye-catching effects; use transitions to ease the moves between slides; and get set up to deliver a smooth presentation. Plus, learn how to share your presentation as a movie, a PDF, a printout, or even on iCloud.

Note: This training applies to Keynote 2014, which comes with OS X Mavericks. You may not be able to open the exercise files for this course in earlier versions of Keynote.

Topics include:

Working with themes
Editing master slides
Adding text, shapes, and links
Building tables and interactive charts
Inserting audio and video in your slides
Applying transitions
Playing a slideshow
Recording narration
Sharing and exporting presentations

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton – Online Marketing Classroom (June 29 UP)

Name Product: Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton – Online Marketing Classroom(June 29 UP)
Sale Page: _http://onlinemarketingclassroom.com

Price: $99

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” Every Trick and Tool that Took Me to Half
a Million Dollars a Month in Online Sales. ”
The aim of Online Marketing Classroom is simple:
To provide you with information and resources to accelerate and guide you to online business success.


– Training
– Tools
– Templates
– Blueprints
– Traffic Plans
– Services
– Community
But the way we do it is different to how you’ve probably learned online previously. you see, Online Marketing Classroom isn’t about ‘one off blueprints’ (how most people provide training online).
. it’s a comprehensive curriculum.
There’s a reason why schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutes plan out detailed curriculums. THEY’RE MORE EFFECTIVE.
Introducing: Business Labs

The first major difference with Online Marketing Classroom is that we divide our training up into ‘Business Labs’.

Business Labs are specialized training zones that focus on one particular business model. Each Business Lab gives you:

– Training
– Tools
– Workshops
– PDF’s
– Examples
– And MUCH more, all related to a specific business model.
In total, we have SEVEN different Business Labs:

The Business Labs are built around key marketing resources and training – Each Lab contains:
What’s Inside Online Marketing Classroom?
Here’s a full run down of what you will find inside the members area so you know exactly how you are getting today.
Live Classroom Training
We deliver cutting edge content via our live classroom training sessions EVERY single month. These workshops will assist you in ALWAYS keeping 100% up-to-date with the online landscape and one step ahead of your competition!
The focus of each workshop is on what strategies are working NOW, both for us in our own business, as well as in online marketing in general. You can replicate this information into your own business.
Each webinar is added to the member’s area and will be available to download, in case you miss the “live event”.
Of course, you will also receive the slides as well as any supplementary guides, spreadsheets and audio files. Examples of recent workshops include:
You Tube optimization secrets for massive traffic
Secrets of scaling with social traffic
Making a killing with the world’s biggest buyers engine
4 websites + 4 weeks = $100K per year (step by step)
Facebook traffic plan for niche websites
Cashflow Cheatsheets
If you need to launch a new way to bring in cash in a hurry .or if you want to quickly add an additional income stream to an existing business, these cheat sheets will provide the PLAN, the FORECAST, the BUDGET and the RECIPE for doing so.
They are incredibly comprehensive and will give the exact methods in a “do this .do that” format so you will be able to implement the instructions at a rapid rate and start profiting from them as fast as possible.
We update or add additional Cheatsheets every 60 days, but as of today, the cheatsheets you will get instant access to are for the following business models:
Making Money with Affiliate Marketing ( 72 pages )
Selling Physical Products Via Amazon FBA (163 pages)
Selling Kindle eBooks (28 pages)
Making Money With Fiverr (46 pages)
Local SEM (Online Marketing) Consulting (110 pages)
Udemy Course Marketing (70 pages)
Selling Your Own Information Products (103 pages)

June 29 UP:

Robert Plank – Five Minute Copywriting

Robert Plank – Five Minute Copywriting
Sale Page: _http://www.fiveminutecopywriting.com/

Price: $27

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Five Minute Copywriting — the easy to read PDF report — gives you a boatload of plug-and-play sales copy items… just fill in the blank and go.

The 14 types of headlines with examples of each, so you can turn your unique selling point into that perfect headline without racking your brain for hours!
16 plug and play openers to get you telling a story and transitioning from your headline to your copy, instantly.
32 plug and play bullet points (both positive and negative) to show you how to present each sub-section of your product as an exciting benefit instead of as a boring, run of the mill feature… watch your conversion rates explode and make a ton more money.
Five plug and play offers to drive your message home. As usual, no thinking required.
Seven copy and paste guarantees that you don’t even need to edit… just paste onto your sales letter with no work and you’ll be fully protected.
The six bottlenecks that hurt your online efforts, and how to overcome them. This alone could be the difference between the marketer who produces one product a year versus 15 products per year.

Let’s face it, when you hire someone else to write your sales letter, they either charge too much or don’t understand your product enough to explain it… maybe both!

The best person to sell your stuff is YOU… if you do it correctly!

If you own at least one web site then you owe it to your PayPal and Aweber accounts to learn some basic five minute copywriting.

Bonnie Glendinning – Art Biz Jumpstart System

Bonnie Glendinning – Art Biz Jumpstart System
Sale Page: _http://courses.theartistsmentor.com/courses/the-art-biz-jumpstart-system

Price: $197

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The Art Biz Jumpstart System
How to pursue an art career that is right for you personally, creatively, and financially | taught by Bonnie Glendinning

What’s Include (all 6 modules):
Module 1 ($59 value) — “How To Go Part or Full Time As An Artist” (includes video + PDF worksheet)
Module 2 ($59 Value) — “How To Get Started Without Resources” (includes video + PDF worksheet)
Module 3 ($59 Value) — “How To Network and Get Clients” (includes video + PDF worksheet)
Module 4 ($147 Value) — “Branding, Marketing, and PR for Artists” (90-minute audio workshop)
Module 5 ($97 Value) — “Periscope for Your Art Biz Success” (includes video + PDF worksheets)
Module 6 ($97 Value) — “Design Your Abundant Life” (special workshop on abundance)

Kevin Fahey – IM Traffic Facebook Masters + OTO2

Kevin Fahey – IM Traffic Facebook Masters + OTO2
Sale Page: _https://imtraffic.org/

Price: $67 + $97

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This 5-part video training course will show you the EXACT steps to get fast and profitable results with Facebook.

This course is packed with EVERYTHING you need to start getting leads and making money with Facebook as soon as today…

In addition to the video training within each of the 5 modules, you’ll also get…

– PDF downloads and “cheat sheets” that saves time when you want to refer back

– Mind maps to illustrate exactly how things work and what to do next

– Ad formulas and examples so you have a starting point for all of your campaigns

– Case studies of actual campaigns, so you can see what works and what doesn’t

Eric Holmlund – ArbiCash + OTO

Eric Holmlund – ArbiCash + OTO
Sale Page: http://www.imguruplr.com/specialplrsales/arbicashjv/

Price: $997

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What Is ArbiCash? The primary component that you’re getting today is The ArbiCash System ebook written by me. This ebook is brand new, never released before. It’s in PDF format, so you can read it on any computer or device. You can even print it out if you prefer. Most importantly, it contains 62 pages packed full of step by step content showing you exactly how to use the ArbiCash System for yourself and start cashing in with Native advertising arbitrage.
What can ArbiCash do?

– The basics of native advertising.
– How to set up a simple website that anyone can create.
– How to drive massive page views from a single visitor.
– The best ad placement for maximum earnings.
– Which themes and plugins are needed for an ArbiCash site and where to find them.
– Where to find winning content ideas based on real performance data.
– The most effective sources for article and gallery topics.
– How to create the best article titles.
– How to create galleries like you see on so many sites, and where to get the content for them.
– A sample gallery article that you can actually import into your site and use as a template.
– How to cash in with affiliate articles.
– How to get maximum click through on your ads.
– The settings you need to know to create a profitable campaign.
– The best devices and geographic areas to target.
– How to get your ad campaigns accepted by the reviewers.
– How to get traffic accounts approved.
– How to track your campaign traffic.
– How to create 10 different ad variations in 10 minutes
– How to see exactly where your ads are being shown.
– 3 ways to scale up your arbitrage business
– The biggest risks and how to avoid them.
– 8 ways to optimize profitability.
– How to track your profits and campaign performance.

As you can see, this is a very comprehensive course teaching the exact system that I used to scale this business to $28,000 a month of profit in just 4 months.

Roofing Business BluePrint – David Deschaine

Roofing Business BluePrint – David Deschaine
Sale Page: http://www.roofingbusinessblueprint.com/

Price: $97

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Dear Roofing Professional,

Let me tell you straight up… this web page can change your life.

It’s not too often you get the opportunity to peer over the shoulder of a “celebrity” in this industry and watch in real time as I bank cash and turn what most would consider “stale leads” into HUGE PROFITS!

But today’s your lucky day….

Because I’m going to expose my entire business – right here …. right now – as I pull back the curtain and reveal my biggest secrets… secrets that bank me profits like this each and every day!

$4,640.70 in ONE DAY!
$2,435.41 in ONE DAY!
$3,054.61 in ONE DAY!
$3,450.05 in ONE DAY!
$3,381.82 in ONE DAY!

My name is David Deschaine… and my television commercials and radio spots dominate the northeastern part of the USA like McDonald’s dominates Happy Meals.

There’s not a day that goes by that my ads aren’t blasting the airways and my phones aren’t ringing off the hook with eager customers – checkbooks in hand – ready to pay me BIG BUCKS to get locked in my schedule. I don’t chase them… they chase me!

“Keep Out The Rain – Call Dave Deschaine!”

My slogan is a household rhyme.. and my face is recognized by folks all over our local communities…

On average… I close 2 to 3 roofing jobs a day (just like the one’s you see above) … and sometimes as many as 4 to 6. I employ over a dozen contractors and sales people… and my roofing business is growing at an incredible rate of speed each and every year … at times … almost doubling in profits from the year before.

But it wasn’t always that way…. quite the contrary to be honest.

I took a lot of punches and endured a lot of growing pains and years of blood, sweat and tears before I was able to take my failing business from barely making ends meet.. to banking millions of dollars a year in roofing sales and profits.
Module 1: Roofing Business Blueprint Video Training Series

This training series is really the star of the show. You’ll watch over my shoulder as I go step-by-step thru the various training modules and help you take your roofing business to a whole new level.

From customer service training to sales force tactics… I leave no stone left unturned.

Video 1: Introduction – Laying the Foundation for Your Roofing Business
Video 2: Level 1 – Planning, Management, and Goal Setting
Video 3: Level 2 – Marketing, Sales Training and Production (three videos)
Video 4: Level 3 – Scaling The Business… Multiplying Your Business (two videos)

Module 2: Roofing Business Blueprint Training Manual

The Roofing Business Blueprint Manual took me over 8 months to complete. This is the perfect compliment to the RBB training videos.

In this manual I break down everything I teach into bite-sized nuggets of GOLD … and show you exactly what you need to do to increase revenue and run your business on virtual autopilot.

This 155 page PDF manual reinforces everything taught in the training videos… PLUS has many added bonus sections you’ll find completely astonishing.

This manual could easily sell on it’s own for $97 on store bookshelves (and believe me I thought about doing that) … but I decided to include it for you in the Roofing Business Blueprint training course as well.
Module 3: Roofing Estimator Pro Software And Training Tutorials

Roofing Estimator Pro is your complete Roofing Business Software packed with features that include:

Creating roofing proposals & contracts on the jobs site and uploading pictures to use in the sales process making you look like a true professional roofing contractor.
The program also includes a job calendar for scheduling your appointments and links everything to your customers – no more sifting through stacks of paperwork. This feature truly makes life easy!
The system also includes a detailed report dashboard feature to keep track of your sales for quick reference so you can get a “complete” look at your business at a glance. Know instantly what your profits and losses are… and how to add to the revenue streams.
The Roofing Estimator Pro Software also has letter templates with a fully integrated email system built into the software. The software comes fully loaded with product photos, price lists, and you can setup users for the office, and also keep track of all the materials used for each job. The system can be installed on a server for a local area network or installed onto a laptop to keep your office mobile. Talk about true convenience and organization!
Plus you’ll receive an entire suite of step-by-step training videos to show you exactly how to setup the Roofing Estimator pro Software and how to use it for maximum efficiency, which can save you time & money.This Roofing Software sells for $99.95… Check Amazon and it sells for this price – The Roofers Choice – Best Roofing Software Available FAST & Easy-To-Use!

Module 4: Roofing Business Blueprint WordPress Plugin

The Roofing Business Blueprint WordPress Plugin is the newest and easiest way to build website content online for your roofing business.

The Blueprint Plugin automatically searches custom RSS Feeds, Press Releases, Article Directories and other blog’s around the internet to find new, targeted and relevant content for your roofing business website.

This latest version 1.4 Roofing Business Blueprint Plugin gathers content to expand your local blog, and therefore your visibility online to help you get more roofing leads.

With this easy-to-use WordPress plugin, you can deliver the latest home improvement articles, roofing tips and tricks, home maintenance guides and more.

The best part is … the Blueprint Plugin does all this automatically every day.

Your custom roofing business blog can post a dozen home improvement articles for your customers before you even turn your computer on in the morning.

Easy to Install
Fully Automated New Content Daily
Custom Article & Content Spinner
SEO Optimizer – Search Engine Rankings
Simple WordPress Settings
And Much More!

PLUS… I’m including my Step-By-Step Training Videos where I take you by the hand as we start from scratch and setup our blog, install the plugin, then turn on the SEO optimizer, and have your entire site ready to suck roofing customers from internet like a Hoover on steroids.

This plugin alone is a $97 value… not including the hours of training that I’ve included for you. This alone is a MUST HAVE addition to any roofers online marketing arsenal.
Module 5: Roofing Business Blueprint Social Media Marketing

The Roofing Business Blueprint Social Media Marketing package includes our 28 Page Social Media Marketing Manual with secret tips and tricks, plus a complete video training series, and High Quality Graphics with Facebook Timeline Templates You Can Use for your roofing business…

If you don’t know how to set-up Social Media Sites that’s ok… I’m going to let you watch over my shoulder as we create a Smoking Hot Facebook fanpage to get you more local roofing customers. You make more sales you make more money.

I have included a list of Social Media Websites that you can link all of your online marketing efforts together, and use my secret viral method that make my websites rock with local search traffic.

I will also go over some Powerful New YouTube Features, and then get Twitter linked with your Facebook, and so much more about Social Media Marketing for your roofing business..

This is Truly The next “WAVE” and you “MUST” take advantage of this social revolution online before your competition does …

People will be talking about you, and your customers can post reviews that will get you more leads than you can handle. I have included the best kept methods, that only experience internet marketers are using to get leads through Social Media Marketing.

Learn Why Social Media Is Everything
How To Set-Up Your Facebook Fanpage
5 Facebook Timeline Templates Included
Learn How To Use Adobe Photoshop
How Social Media Marketing Works
Easy To Install – Step-by-Step Videos

People trust Social Media Sites because the reader is engaged through conversational content that offers third party reviews, and brand awareness with a viral marketing strategy.

This alone offers a $97 value… Plus includes High Quality graphic templates, and again is a MUST HAVE for business owners who need to include social media as part of their online marketing plan.

Stefan, James & Tim – Complete Elite Commission Machines with OTOs

Stefan, James & Tim – Complete Elite Commission Machines with OTOs
Sale Page: _http://elitecommissionmachines.com

Price: $27 + $47 + $97

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Elite Commission Machines is a step by step video course outlining exactly how to achieve easy affiliate commissions across any niche by affiliate marketing products using our powerful Bing ads formula. The system outlines exactly how to find high converting affiliate offers through clickbank and start earning profitable commissions as soon as the same day.

The traffic portion of the ECM system is not limited to just clickbank, but can also be applied to CPA, people’s own courses, and more…making this an all around slam dunk course for a variety of different customers and lists.

With the main ECM package, your customers will also get the PDF system included at no extra charge.

FEDS: Elite Commission Machines PDF System

We have the option available for your customers to grab the same exact system in PDF form at a lower price. This is specifically designed to boost EPC’s and deliver even more cash into your pocket by capturing those who don’t want both the video and PDF system.

OTO 1: Profits Booster Pack
Our profits booster pack is designed with two things in mind: what’s going to make you the most money with our funnel, and what’s going to help your customers the most. Both benefit you greatly and that’s what we’ve accomplished with our Profits Booster Pack.

OTO 2: Done For You Pack
There’s one thing that rings true regardless of what you’re selling in our launch space: Done For You stuff always converts. We have designed our Done For You package to meet your customer’s needs, save them time and frustration and deliver you the highest EPC’s.


Sale Page: _http://instantprofitsilos.com/flippme-sales

Price: $19 + $19 + $19

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The Ultimate Profit Flipping Formula…
The first Copy and Paste arbitrage solution – Stop guessing and hoping… Look – Here’s why anyone can and should be doing this…

FLIPPme Formula

Follow our Tweaked Profit Flipping formula…

Step by step video & PDF training, details this little known and very unique arbitrage method from start to finish.
Module Based Training… Makes it Easy!
Simple 5 minute Copy and Paste Trick

FLIPPme has you covered from every angle to ensure your success.

You’ll find 6 training modules consisting of 8 videos and 6 Instruction PDFs waiting for you in our brand new members area…

And don’t worry… 6 modules may sound overwhelming – but the process is a simple 5 minute Copy and Paste trick. We just wanted to ensure there were no stones left unturned so even complete novices can get started fast.
Copy ‘n’ Paste Simple

Simple flips between two unlikely platforms ensures 100 – 400% profit on all transactions

You’ll know in an instant whether it’s worth targeting a certain product based on simple profit multiple analysis.

Copy ‘n’ paste simple
Zero Risk: You only order once you’ve been paid

Simple ‘all in one’ Passive Income Solution
Just Copy our Simple Step by Step FLIPPme formula… Then sit back and Watch the money Roll In…

Debbie Drumm – Promotion Checklist

Debbie Drumm – Promotion Checklist
Sale Page: _http://debbiedrum.com/clickhere/debpromotionchecklist/

Price: $19.95

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Get Leaps and Bounds Ahead of People Who Have No Idea How They Should Be Spending Their Time Promitng Offers

Stop the Overwhelm and Finally Do The Right Things To Promote Your Offers (Books, PDF’s, Guides, Squeeze Pages, Courses, Webinars (ANYTHING)

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